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While many of you are interested in jumping aboard the security field, only a few would persistently pursue this career. Why? The IT security industry is not as easy as you think; it’s actually more challenging and quite exhausting. But of course, all your sacrifices dealing with complex security issues and such are well-compensated. It’s because security professionals are some of the highest-paid IT workers.

With the impressive financial perks, no wonder there is still a handful who would continue with the security path. And for you to become in-demand IT security personnel, there’s one certification you may want to add to your profile. We are referring to CompTIA Security+, the most suitable security credential for those who want to establish their cybersecurity careers. But what are they?

Careers Waiting If You Have CompTIA Security+ Badge

In this section, we’ve made a list of careers you can opt for once you become Security+ accredited by PrepAway CompTIA Security+ SY0–501 — A+ 220–1001 — A+ 220–1002 — Network+ N10–007 VCE MS-202 Dumps. As well, we will highlight the salaries of these specialists. All the information in this part about earnings is provided by the

Security Specialist

One of the most sought-after careers in this field is becoming a security specialist. From the name itself, security specialists are highly skilled professionals whose main job is to protect the security systems on a day-to-day basis. With this, they may deal with responsibilities such as distinguishing current threats, implementing controls, and working with other security individuals like security architects and security engineers. A security specialist earns up to $67,817 per year.

Security Engineers

Unlike security specialists, security engineers are more inclined on the defense side. This means that instead of identifying security threats or performing tests, they work on designing and developing a more secure system. In addition, they are often tasked to upgrade hardware and software systems, evaluate risk assessments, resolve related incidents, and create new security solutions. As for security engineers’ yearly salary, this is an impressive $89,957.

Systems Administrator

If you’re wondering who the person behind the general upkeep and operation of security systems is, well, it’s the systems administrator. Because of their expertise and administrative skills, they are assigned to manage the efficiency of systems that are vital to the organization’s infrastructure. Plus, they also work hand in hand with other security professionals. But what about the earnings of such specialists? Well, they earn up to $62,083 annually.

Security Consultant

Security consultants earn $85,744 per year and can be considered experts in their field — but with a different purpose. Because of their advanced security skills, they can evaluate the right security measures needed by their client. Their functions are not just restricted to resolving internal needs as they can provide security guidance to external customers. Some of the key tasks of a security consultant include studying security breaches, developing security solutions, and implementing security systems

Junior IT Auditor

Junior IT auditors are also one of the most rewarding careers for Security+ certification holders. These people have almost the same functions as security consultants. As a junior IT auditor, you mainly provide support to the senior IT auditor. More often than not, you will be responsible to perform system testing, carry out audit program requirements, attend IT audit meetings, document charts, and maps, and provide an evaluation of security risks. The annual salary of a junior IT auditor equals $66,934.

Penetration Tester

Knowing how hackers think and work is a must in the IT security domain. This is why penetration testing, or ethical hacking, is valuable. A penetration test is a simulated security attack that is authorized by the organization to check the system’s security, identify possible vulnerabilities, and provide necessary solutions.

And, only specified individuals are allowed to do such crucial tasks — the penetration testers. Because of the weight of the job, companies don’t just hire average IT personnel. They would prefer those with in-depth background and those with renowned badges like Security+. What concerns the salary that can be offered to you by your prospective employer, it can rise as high as $84,314 in one year.

Top-Notch Organizations Making Use of Security+

To further attract you to get the CompTIA Security+, several companies from insurance firms to healthcare providers have supported the continuous development of Security+. These include Agile Defense Inc, Northrop Grumman, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, The Joint Commission, and Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

So, if you want to be part of the team of the above-mentioned companies, having the CompTIA Security+ credential is the first step!

Wrap-up of Security+ Certification Exam

If you have made up your mind to obtain Security+ in the near future, then it’s time to get to work and know its related test. SY0–501 is the exam code for this CompTIA credential. This exam is a 90-minute assessment of your security skills through a collection of 90 questions in multiple-choice and performance-based types. For the passing score, you have to get 750 or more from the total scale of 900.

Conveniently, there are 4 available test languages for SY0–501, which include English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. And before you forget, the exam price is $349, though it may vary depending on the country you are in.

In-Demand Practice Tests for a Successful Assessment

As you embark on your certification training, you have to consider a lot of things. And these should cover the right practice tests. If you’re on a tight schedule, don’t waste time and simply avail of the vce files available at the Their mock tests are considered to be some of the most effective materials to build up your exam familiarity.

The offers its practice tests in free and paid versions. As for free mock tests, just check the provider’s page and download them straight away. But if you want to be ahead of the pack in your CompTIA test, choose the SY0–501 Premium Bundle.

It costs $39,97 and contains a mock test with practice questions and answers that were solved and checked by IT experts, a training course of lectures, and a handy study guide for you to learn all the necessary IT concepts to the tiniest detail. But we’d like to remind you that it’s important to make use of the VCE Software to open these tests. This educational tool will help you a lot while working with them.


Whatever security profession you want to choose — you won’t have a hard time sealing the deal if you’ve got your CompTIA Security+ credential on your application. It’s a badge of your hard work, resilience, and curiosity for greater heights.

Yes, you have to sit for the CompTIA SY0–501 test but with this professional emblem, you become a relevant addition to the company of your dreams. Thus, if you want something great happening to your career, get this credential and enjoy its overflowing job opportunities! Opt for free and updated practice tests from the and make all your career dreams come true.

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