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Pre-approved Templates

  • Template messages are pre-approved templates where certain parameters can be changed to include the required details. The rest of the text cannot be changed.
  • Templates cannot be used to send promotional messages. These are not marketing tools.
  • Templates are mainly used to send informational messages to users. Notifications, greetings, welcome messages, delivery and booking information, etc. are sent using the templates.
  • Templates come under the pay-per-message scheme.
  • Template messages have to be used when an enterprise responds to a customer-initiated message after 24 hours.
  • No other form of messages will be delivered after the 24-hour window.
  • Templates can be used to attract customers’ attention and make them initiate a conversation.
  • If an enterprise requires custom-designed templates, they can contact the developers of the app. The team will code a template to meet the requirements of the enterprise.
  • Chatbots use template messages to send standard automated replies to customer queries.

Session Messages

  • Session messages are freeform messages which require no standard structure or pattern.
  • These messages can be promotional in nature and can include text, images, videos, and documents.
  • Session messages are a part of the packages available for the enterprises.
  • These messages can be sent within 24 hours after the last customer-initiated message.
  • Keeping the conversation alive for long will enable enterprises to freely interact with users and finalize sales.
  • There is no limit to the number of session messages that can be sent to the users.

Speed and Reliability

  • The companies provide reliable services by balancing the traffic of messages through various channels.
  • The messages are delivered to users instantly allowing faster communication between the parties.

Global Coverage

  • With access to more than 200 countries, companies send messages to users residing anywhere in the world.

Data Security

  • Compliance with government policies, vulnerability testing, and role-based access control ensure that the data sent via the platform is safe and secure at all times.

Technical Support

  • 24*7 technical support is provided to enterprises to ensure an error-free platform.

Some tricks to generate lead using the Business App

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