Producing a successful ebook isn’t a child’s play. But it does generate multiple leads for your webpage. More than 50% of B2B businesses are incorporating ebooks into their content marketing campaigns. It’s also a dynamic way to promote your website and expand your business. You can get more subscribers with the help of a successful ebook launch. As Amazon Kindle has made self-publishing convenient, there are more e-authors now than ever. It’s become an essential source of online income for many courageous entrepreneurs.

Ebook content marketing is beneficial for bloggers in multiple ways. The inclusion of clickable links in ebooks makes them more interactive and user-friendly; this digital form of literature doesn’t always feel like a sales pitch to the readers. The lack of direct advertisements makes ebooks better suitable for the subtle art of inbound marketing. People find it much easier to study and navigate through an ebook. They can download a PDF and can browse it even when there’s no internet connection. Some would even say that producing ebooks is more comfortable than writing blogs.

There are inevitable mistakes you must avoid if you’re trying to develop your first ebook. We can better understand this “mistakes-to-avoid” in the form of simple questions. Is there an audience for the ebook you’re writing? If something similar and popular is in the market, it’s better to stay away from such tough competition. Are you doing enough promotion?

Many well-established authors fail to attract an audience because of their poorly-designed marketing strategy. Does the ebook look attractive at the first look? The book needs editing and appropriately designed if you want it to be successful. Write something which appeals to a specific target audience. Now, let’s skim through some essential tips for writing a well-received ebook.

Your first ebook won’t necessarily turn you into an acclaimed, internationally-recognized author. But it would help if you tried to write the perfect thing possible. The seven steps of e-penmanship are:

1. Make Your Blog Into An E-Book

You’re writing an ebook to generate traffic for your blog. Why not change your blog posts into a digital book? Many professional websites let you convert a blog into an ebook. It’ll help your older posts to resurface. You’ve spent a lot of effort in producing these posts. You don’t want readers to have difficulty accessing them. You can gather active leads and increase your conversion rates.

2. Add Some CTAS

Suitable and well-directed calls to action are essential for winning the reader’s attention. Don’t conclude the ebook abruptly or let fresh leads hanging. Ask them to subscribe to your blog for further information about the subject. They can also sign up for an online seminar (called webinar) you’ve sponsored. Offer your services to consult them on business-related issues. The readers can also give a brief review of your ebook. If you are the author of multiple ebooks, help the reader access them all via web links.

3. Be Careful About The Word Length

Word length should be appropriate and not exhaustive. But of course, the length of the ebook depends upon the nature of the topic. And an ebook doesn’t contain words only. Authors put charts, graphs, and statistics in it to support their content. Therefore, a suitable length can smoothly go from 1,500 to 10,000+ words. You should focus on providing all the crucial information in the minimum words possible.

4. Design It Attractively

The book cover should be eye-catching and appealing; attractive-looking covers drive the people to download your ebook. Your readers use different devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Make the book accessible to and optimized for all these devices. Never forget to place a table of contents in the beginning. People get annoyed when they don’t know what sub-topics the book has to offer. Use a consistent color theme that conforms with your website’s layout.

Visual factors influence more than 90% of purchase decisions. Also, to give a unique touch to your books, you can make an audiobook too. Instead of reading, people can listen to audio files. You can create the audiobook in different voices also. There is much software available, but try to pick the best voice changer software that can ease your job.

5. Introduction & Conclusion

The future of a television series depends upon its pilot. It’s the introduction of the basic plot, the setting, and the characters involved. Your ebook must have an eye-catching presentation that compels readers to continue with the next pages. The opening and conclusion are the heart of an excellent ebook. They must be crisp, concise, and to-the-point.

6. Proper Research Is Important

It’s a lousy strategy to research while writing at the same time. Allow yourself a few weeks of pure research before lifting the pen (or the keyboard). Your research material should include blogs, articles, research papers, and even books. Don’t just believe everything you read online. Try to double-verify every fact and figure you’ve come across. A convincing page filled with notes and references authenticates your credibility. Try Snopes to confirm some news stories you’ve read, for example. Are you a Wikipedia fan? That’s awesome! But never forget to check their references (in case the links are expired or merely unavailable).

7. Write What You Know Best

In the end, the best technique is to avoid topics you’re unclear about, if a subject gives you joy, that’s the subject you need to pick. Don’t waste your energy with an item you barely understand just for the sake of money. Also, make the title of the ebook catchy and exciting. People shouldn’t feel like you’re lecturing them. It’s smarter to make a list of potential labels. If it’s able to grasp public attention and extract a positive reaction, pick that one.


Writing an ebook will be an exciting adventure for those who haven’t published anything. If you think you correctly understand a subject, write about it. Always put references to back up your claims. All books consist of three crucial portions: beginning, middle, and epilogue. The first two portions are essential from a reader’s perspective. After completion, hire an editor to review it and a graphic designed to create a front cover.

Don’t let the word count exceed the average limit. Include some decent CTAs in your ebook and put your web address in the beginning. By following these tips, you can become a self-published e-author in no time.

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Ruhani Rabin being a tech and product evangelist for almost 20 years. He was VP, CPO for various digital companies. Plays with Drones in his free time.

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Ruhani Rabin

Ruhani Rabin

Ruhani Rabin being a tech and product evangelist for almost 20 years. He was VP, CPO for various digital companies. Plays with Drones in his free time.

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