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The world of technology can be a scary place. While we once thought of technology as innovation, progress, and efficiency, we now have to also look at it as a potential breach of our security. More specifically the internet is the issue, but with new devices being invented every year, it means that there is more potential for criminal intervention. It is important now to stay vigilant and stay protected, this is where an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) comes in.

What is an Endpoint Protection Platform?

An EPP is essentially a strategy in the form of several software tools, which provides a level of security for endpoint devices. Endpoint devices are hardware devices capable of access to the internet. Common examples of these devices include computers, mobiles, tablets etc. Endpoint protection platforms incorporate various security software like anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-phishing and so on.

Endpoint protection provides the ability to observe and identify any sensitive information that devices hold and subsequently encrypt this information. The transfer of this information can also be blocked, so even if someone made it through some levels of security, they would still encounter problems with trying to obtain the sensitive data. Data recovery services are also provided by some software programs so, in the event of someone obtaining some sensitive information, it can be accessed again.

How it works in Business

When used for businesses, this platform is usually controlled through a central administration server which can provide information on all endpoint devices connected to the company’s network. It is important that each endpoint is protected accordingly as they provide the easiest access for any malware attacks. Not only this, but these need to be constantly monitored and updated as there are always new ways people find to try and commit these crimes.

Top businesses typically have designated Artificial Intelligence (AI) that seeks out and fixes any problems, this saves time as the job can be done better by AI and usually quicker. This frees up any time that may be spent with an employee trying to figure out problems. These things will only become stronger as technology improves. It seems like an endless battle between hacking technology and defense systems which are both constantly evolving.

The most ideal EPPs are managed via a cloud, which grants several different people access to be able to manage the security solutions, provided that the administrator allows them to. This allows for quick communication and any problems can be identified fairly quickly.

Popular EPPs

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET is currently a very popular security app. It is by no means the absolute best in this list but has been found to be very useful. It is very intelligent and strong, not providing an annoyance to the user on a daily basis. Running in the background, it will only interrupt you if there is something important.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Avast has been a very well-respected company, installed as the initial security software on a lot of laptops and desktops. This provides you with your standard antivirus, Firewall, and email protection. The free version has remained popular for a number of years, but when it comes to business, it is generally advised to go for the paid version as it provides a lot more tools for tackling security issues.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 4.0

Kaspersky is yet another brilliant example of quality security software. Kaspersky has gained a lot more popular in recent years and in the eyes of many users, is considered to be the best at the services it provides. It is used for Windows PCs and also Android/iOS endpoint devices. When you purchase the security for the desktop, you’re getting the usual firewall, antivirus, and antispam services. However, the reason this has become popular is that of its mobile security capabilities. It can legitimately detect insecure devices, it can wipe data from lost devices and help provide secure password solutions. It is also very easy to manage in comparison to some others, making it able to use by almost all persons.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14

Symantec is particularly useful for Desktops, providing a high level of professionalism, which is very suited to a business environment. There doesn’t seem to be any unique security for mobile devices with this, yet it still is brilliant for other features. It can monitor behavior to see if there is anything unusual, which pairs together well with intrusion protection. There is also a power eraser that can repair your system from outside threats. The security policy procedures are also very useful, allowing people to restrict access to certain employees as well as the efficient monitoring of policies. This is a more expensive option, but it ends up being a good deal when you look at its high-end capabilities.

It is important to remind ourselves that endpoint security is vital for the protection of data. This may not only apply to personal data, but also business data like marketing campaigns and business projects. There are many companies that can provide help to corporations regarding these issues, Lookout security being yet another example. It is important to utilize these companies as they certainly know what they are doing and it is hard to trust anyone other than an expert when dealing with issues as serious as these. Check out the accompanying infographic for everything you need to know regarding cyber attacks.

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