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No matter if you’re building a smart home from the ground up or you want to make your home smarter, these 15 systems are well worth your attention. So, get ready to transform your home in a much better place to live in.

We’re sure that by now you realized there’s no escaping technology. Everyone that wants to stay up to date needs to get accustomed to all the new technologies available, and that includes your home. You shouldn’t do that simply to keep up with modern times, but because having more smart gadgets inside your home is actually going to make life easier and a lot more enjoyable. So, if you’re already on the path of discovering products for the home that will make it smarter and more comfortable, you’re in the right place because we put together a list of 15 smart home system you should definitely check out.

Amazon Echo — Take Control of Your Smart Home

Already reaching its third generation, Amazon’s smart speaker is the alternative to Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Bixby when it comes to smart speakers. It comes with an upgraded design and has a wide range of applications with other smart home gadgets. It can control a lot of other smart home gadgets, allow you to easily play music or get updates on the news or any other information, read audiobooks for you, or even buy things online for you as long as you allow it.

smart home systems
smart home systems

Arlo Q

When talking about smart home devices, we shouldn’t leave security out of the discussion. Making sure your home is safe and sound is equally important as being able to dim the lights with voice control or lower the temperature when it gets too hot. And while Arlo Q may not be the all-in-one solution when it comes to security smart home gadgets, the video and audio quality it provides is excellent, topping at 1080p. Furthermore, it is easy to set up, comes with a free cloud plan, and has the innovative Activity Zone.


If this is the first time you hear about Ecobee, you’re in for a very nice surprise. Already reached the fifth generation, this smart thermostat is an excellent example of smart home gadgets that can really make a difference. It comes with built-in Alex, a touchscreen interface, and a sensor that helps you to keep control of the temperature in your house. It can also be used to play music and supports Spotify as well.

Philips Hue — Light Up Your Smart Home

Some of the best smart home devices don’t need to blow your mind or perform some revolutionizing functions. Instead, they can work wonders at helping you feel more comfortable and take actions that you perform several times during a day, a lot easier. That’s the case for this Philips Hue bulbs that can be connected to many other smart home systems and allow you to adjust brightness, change colors and even synchronize them with your Smart TV for an even better experience.

Nest Hello

When you’re building that new smart home, no detail is unimportant. So, even if you may think a video and face-recognition doorbell might be too much, you need to think again. This device from Nest is an excellent method to make sure you always know who visits your home. Even though it doesn’t have a wireless option just yet, it can continuously record video, so you have eyes on your house all the time.

smart home gadgets
smart home gadgets

WeMo Mini

When talking about control, smart home gadgets are right at home. The smart socket provided by WeMo is excellent because it allows you to integrate it with other smart systems easily. With its wide design, you won’t have to worry about fitting any type of cords in it without a worry.

Nest Protect

Another device from Nest that this time takes care of detecting all the potentially harmful emissions in your home. This smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector is completely compliant with smart home hubs and allows you to monitor the levels in your home at all times. Even more than that, it can automatically turn on the Philips Hue bulbs when an emergency is detected.

August Smart Lock Pro — Make Sure Your Smart Home is Protected

We’ve already reviewed a camera and doorbell that help you by allowing you to see who visits you and who knocks on your door. This time, we’re talking about one of those smart home systems that really protect your home. Thanks to the Lock Pro from August Smart, you will be able to check the status on your phone, and it’s also easily connected with Alexa, HomeKit, or Google Assistant.

Samsung SmartThings

Sometimes, especially when you didn’t start with the idea of a smart home from the beginning, you will deal with some connectivity issues along the way. Samsung SmartThings is one of those smart home systems that help you bypass all those connectivity issues and make every smart device in your homework perfectly together.

Chamberlain MyQ

Here’s a device that focuses on all drivers out there. When you’re automating smart homes, you need to also think about easy ways of going in when you simply can’t find the garage keys. Luckily, the Chamberlain MyQ is here to help with that and allows you to open the garage door by tapping your smartphone screen.

smart home devices
smart home devices

Shark Ion R85

Even though a robot vacuum cleaner isn’t exactly a new thing when talking about smart home devices, having one can bring great convenience. Nobody likes to vacuum, so why not automate this function for when you’re not at home, so you find your home dust-free when you come back from work?

Arlo Pro 3 — a Smart Camera for Your Smart Home

We know what you may think, another smart security camera. However, Arlo Pro 3 is not just another security cam. It is equipped with motion sensors, and it can be integrated with your alarm system and other smart security devices fitted in your house. You will always know what’s going on outside your home, and it keeps thieves away.


We’re sticking to the security area because what’s the point of having a smart home if it can’t give you better protection compared to a standard one. SimpliSafe is a complete kit that contains motions sensors, keypad, and an open/close sensor as well.

Google Nest Hub Max

You have all these smart devices in your home, but you also need a central console to see everything when you’re at home. The Google Next Hub Max is the perfect display-led speaker that will connect all your devices and allow you to control every smart gadget in your home.

Smart Shower

We’ve covered every possible room in the house with the smart devices’ ideas presented so far. However, you must have noticed something is missing. A smart shower is what you need to start your day on your feet.

smart home ideas
smart home ideas

So, there you have it. A list of 15 smart gadgets that will not only make your home safer, more comfortable, or easier to tune to perfection but will also give you complete control over every aspect of your environment. So, all that’s left now is to try these devices in your home and see which ones fit your needs. If you already used some smart gadgets listed here, we encourage you to share your experience in the comments section. Which ones are the must-have gadgets, and which ones are overrated?

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