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So, you’ve decided to try your hand at the world of web development, specifically mobile app development. This is an exciting area of technology that is tending more each day. However, this is also one of those undertakings where patience, research and careful planning will benefit your finished masterpiece. Below are just a few important points for amateur and professional alike.

What is the App?

To start, developing and designing your app may just be the easiest of the entire process. Some say that one of the hardest parts is deciding on exactly what type of app to develop.

You’ll need to decide on different functions, is it free or purchased, how to put your idea into reality.

You’ll want to sit down with a pen and paper and make a list. Beginners just learning should consider studying up on the programming languages.

Then you’ll need to consider what development tools to use, what functions you wish the app to do or not, will there be memberships or is it free for everyone, how to advertise, etc. The list goes on.

Creating a simple flow chart will help tremendously to stay focused on one thing at a time. Always finish one task before starting another, otherwise mistakes will happen and drive you crazy trying to figure out how and why the app isn’t working or whatever.

Designing the Inner Workings of the App

Once you have decided on the app’s purpose, do the same with the design. Create a chart and make a flow pattern to organize the information. Take it slow and easy, there’s no rush. That’s where bugs creep in.

Believe me when I say just one app may contain hundreds even thousands of lines of coding, and just one little ill-placed dot or period is a much bigger issue than you could have imagined. So, take your time and do your research.

There are plenty of sites in cyberspace nowadays that you may stumble across that can help you code effectively. No need to reinvent the wheel, just make sure that you do your homework and study before anything. This may start with you taking the time out to actually learn iOS dev for both android and iOS systems.

Simplicity is Key

Keep the first app simple, it is far easier to debug a basic app and added as you progress with the project than to have to debug a monster script that will drive anyone nuts.

Go to your favorite search engine and start there. Try using simple keywords like app making, app development tools, etc.

Just begin by reading other people’s reviews and comments and set the foundation. You can always ask for help and advice from others, right along with taking courses on coding and development etc. Your imagination is the limit, just have fun creating your masterpiece.

Next gather all the tools you will need to begin coding, testing, revising and making it available for others publicly. There are many development environment programs out there free or personal non-commercial use, just until you feel ready and your app is ready.

Just know that, as with everything else, it will take time to get the tools you prefer to use, the style you love and reflects your taste, and so on, there is no time limit, deadline or rush. This way, you’re learning as you’re earning, so to speak. Try many tools, design, and coding techniques.

Finally, pick quiet times to work, with no disruptions. This will help you to have the quiet you need to think, process thoughts and not get flustered so easily. At the same time, though, don’t shy away from asking others for advice, opinions or opinions.

If you realize you are getting uptight or on edge at any time, stop, get up and go and do something else for a while and then when you’re ready, keep working. This way you won’t feel like you’re forcing yourself to produce something. Remember to keep things simple.


Development of apps, software and programs for cyberspace is not a quick or easy job. You need to be passionate about the development, design, patient and most of all realize that it’s a lifetime commitment to keep up with the changing times in technology.

It’s fast paced and time-consuming, so the coder must actually love the art of creating something that cannot be touched or held.

You have to be committed to the product; it can’t be hastily slapped together, it may cause the creator financial issues, it could cause stress.

It’s worth it, though, because it will bring some measure of delight, happiness, ease of activity or just pure entertainment for everyone down the road.

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