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Stunning Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2020 Featured Image

Graphic design has maintained its sense of admiration for many years. It creates a huge inspiration. To many people, it continues to get better every day. In the past years, there has been the dominance of bold graphic colors, gradients, and futuristic elements. But in 2020, the visual world has changed, with lots of creativity, harmonious natural designs, and many more. We see the high quality and stunning illustrations this year.

Mundane, random, or clueless type of graphics no longer interests the world. People wish to connect with unique graphics, logos, and visuals. The shift is likely to be more advanced designs of the previous graphics. A few years ago, we had unique designs, but that is not it today. Things have changed with the trend, seeing new designs and styles full of creativity with the wow factor. For this year, there is an emergence of fun trends that has caught people’s attention. Here are some of the most common graphic design in trends 2020

Shiny Metallic Elements

Graphics made from metals were popular a few years ago, and they were the tale of the time. We all love shiny things, which is why metallic elements continue to dominate in the graphic world. Silver, bronze, gold, and copper are all over from social media to physical wear, packaging, advertisements, and many more.

Shiny metals capture people’s attention, and that is why they remain trendy. Most metallic designs come in gold and have a sense of luxury, class, taste, elegance, sparkle, bright and stylish. Metallic designs give a stunning effect because they are colorful and are designed on shiny surfaces.

Liquids and Gradients

For years, liquids and gradients have been in dominance, although they were not as sparking as they are in 2020. More people use them in 2020 for animation, advertising, and fashion. They are among the best designs trending in 2020.

They have a flat illustration with gradient color schemes that add depth to flat designs and a visual liking of the previous years’ models. Its intrigue color effect portrays the light multiple color gradients, semi-transparency, and bold.

3D Clay Realism

3D is among people’s favorite in 2020, and it has been in existence for a while. It has recently come up with various enticing illustrations that portray a basic modeling clay sense of style. In 2020, 3D combination with 2D has created its dominance in films, drawings and advertising, and many more. It certainly won’t fade away anytime soon. As modern technology advances, 3D designs will keep more impressive with a combination of other realities.

3D has an array of cups, bowls, and lampshades used in many homes in 2020. It is a sustainable graphic design that will go for many more years. It has a bonus of printings, decorations, and paint that makes it adorable. Baking brings out the exact look and design of the model with a massive subdivision surface modifier.

Typography and Fonts

Typography graphic design trends in 2020 have variable fonts emerging from Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Because of the beautiful flower decorations, geometric shapes, and creativity, this design is flourishing figuratively in 2020. It creates attention and stands out from its combination with the previous years’ maxi typography trends. It is a stable model that will continue to dominate with new designs split with multiple lines.

The Most Popular Typography Trends in Web Design

Typography rules in thickness with huge letters and the weighty fonts feature logos, posters, web designs, and packaging. It has unique drawing shapes and words in circles, twirls, and curves both in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. Typography has many trends in 2020. For instance, semi-transparency typography has double and transparent typography with split words into multiple lines, making it eye-catchy and captures the attention of the significant trends in 2020.

Image and Text Masking

Image and text masking is an old technique over the years, and it is still stunning in 2020 with different gradients, patterns, and images. It has various techniques that make it stand out. The background-clip, blend models, the SVG Text, and SVG masks create a mysterious and minimalist look. The design has a little more creativity in 2020 with compositions of various images and maxi typography, making it unique.

Drawings and Photos

Drawings and photos are naturally unique, creative, and exciting 2020 trends. One of its best effects is doodling illustration, which has recently become a hit used in many places. The informal, personalized, handcrafted, colorful painting doodling makes the drawings and photos more fun. Photos have simple illustrations with a more significant portion for creativity and innovation, making it a unique design.

Hand drew collages add intrigue and playfulness to the photo with freshly cut out designs creating a unique 2020 trend style. It also has cut out tools from layers like magazines arranged uniquely and creatively. Drawing and photos make more traditional forms of designs but remain trendy in 2020.

Line Art and Graphic

Line arts are unique and one of the most preferred graphics for 2020. They appear in animations, fashion, and illustrations. Lines with a green graphic design illustrate a schematic artwork, animated line art, simplified style patterns, and designs. The artwork is clean, elegant, eye-catchy, unobtrusive in nature, and creates an appealing pattern with unexpected paths and various shapes.

Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustrations have undergone many transformations over the years and remain among the trendy designs for 2020. They are used for infographics designing, web design, and various presentations. The 2020 models have unique appearances, fully animated, and super engaging visuals. They have a translation of 3D and 2D surfaces, which makes the designs more real and trendy.

Color Designs

Everything in 2020 is about color, and it makes the whole earth a pleasant place. Natural colors create various compositions with color nuances, handwritten ink illustrations, and unique web and graphic designs. Color vintage 2020 models are used in branding, packaging, typography, and lettering. Most styles have a concentration of one primary color and a combination of neutral colors such as black and white that creates a stunning visual art design.

Trendy All the Way

Graphic designs have changed the photographic industry with new models in 2020, coupled with a lot of creativity. The designs are not only trendy but give a sense of style and belonging. They remain super impressive, with heartwarming color combinations with beautiful line art and doodling images.

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