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Social media is a medium where group of channels are present. These channels interact, share content, and collaborate. Examples of social media include Facebook, Skype, Instagram and twitter etc.

Social media is considered as the fastest growing medium in the world. People of almost every age group not only use social media platforms but are addicted to it. It would not be wrong to say that social media has a very strong impact on the human beings in the modern world.

It is safe to say that if you want to change a person’s point of view or perspective, social media is the right tool to use for it.

Benefits of social media

There are a lot of benefits of using social media. Social media bring awareness in new generation. Students and teachers are getting more benefits through social media. By using different websites and social platforms, students get help in their studies.

There are many websites which are delivering online lectures so students can understand difficult topics easily by using social media. There are many essay-making websites available in the market, which guide students in effective way. AssignmentAceUK is one of the best websites in UK which is providing relevant content to the students. Students can get any help and overcome their anxiety by taking assistance from there.

It provides wide range of educational stuff which is done in the supervision of educational experts and researchers. Social media provides wide range of facilities to students. Like online library, free PDFs of books, guidelines of understanding fundamentals of mathematics and other science subjects.

Makes world a smaller place

Social media make world global. Every person is using social media and get aware from all latest technology. Any person gets any type of help by using social media. Everyone is connected with each other by social media. The platform has reduced gap between locations and persons.

Finishing the gap between people

Social media gathered all individual views regarding any specific topic or any issue. By using social media gap between higher authority and public are reducing day by day.

People share their thoughts and ideas regarding any subject so these ideas are very helpful for higher authorities in the making of future plans. Peoples can easily participate in any discussion by using social media.

Creates awareness

People get aware from many issues. Different awareness campaigns are working on social media to make people aware from any crucial situation related to health, hazard, emergency, and disaster etc.

Even farmers get aware with the proper field management. There are a lot of websites which are providing sufficient knowledge about field, yields and other seeding procedures. Social media play very effective role in management and business development.

Anybody can create social business platform and earn money. By using social media in effective way, any individual make much money by establishing online business and get revenue.

Marketing of multiple products/services

Even promotions of business and different brands are more productive just because of social media. Online buying and selling is making life easier. Every type of goods is available on social sites of different companies. Now, people can easily get international products because of social media.

Alibaba, etc. are some examples of social websites which provide goods at doorstep. Finding job is tough step for every person in previous times but now everybody can search their dream job at home by using social media and social job sites like, and many more.

Healthcare on finger tips

Social media is also facilitating health sector. There are many websites which are providing many health tips and remedies to the patient. These websites are making human life much easier and healthier.

Online availability of doctors and other medical experts create sense of care among the patients by providing online treatment.

Formation of useful communities

By using social media many effective communities make, and these communities can change the society into well-mannered and educated societies in the world. Conversation on social media provides emotional support to the individuals.

Many chatting apps are available on social networks which promote friendly behavior among the individuals. Every solution of each problem is present on social media.

Consequences of social media

But there are some negative aspects of social media are also present, and we never ignored these negative aspects. These negative points make our generation frustrated and depressed.

Teenagers are ignoring the value of education, they waste time by using social networks and ruin their educational career. Some unethical social stuff turns teens into depression. From this way teens suffer from depression and get mental disease.

Negative points of social media include: addiction of social networking, cyber-bullying, depression, stress and anxiety among the social users, fake relationships and loneliness etc.

It depends on every individual, in what way he/she use social media, because both positive and negative impacts of social media are present. Some individual use social media in healthy way and get a lot of awareness and educate themselves.

These individual turns into successful and productive personalities. But some individual ruin themselves by getting negative impacts from social media.

Every individual especially teenager should know about the negative impacts of social media. Parents and teachers make sure that they provide sufficient knowledge about negative impacts of social media.

This is the duty of every parent to make self-aware their child so in this way their child would be saved from negativity of social media.

Conclusively, social media is the most used digital tool by the people in the modern world but that does not excuse it from all the benefits as well as the consequences which come with it. However, if the people use it smartly and sensibly the benefits can easily outshine the consequences and the world can be benefited in numerous ways.

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