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Exploring Email Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing in Mobile App Development

Reasons to Integrate Email Marketing into your App

Global access

Conveniently measurable results

Easy to share

The system can target the audience easily


Quick results

Ease of purchase

Satisfying consequence

How to Maximize Email Marketing Aspects for Mobile App Development?

  • Start by optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobiles. Adapting email content to mobile devices is an absolute stance but is still missing from many marketing campaigns.
  • You can attract mobile users to your marketing campaigns by keeping the messages shorter but impactful (or average length), reducing the length of URLs, using appropriate calls to action, and inserting catchy subject lines (should not be too long).
  • Do not forget to add some exciting seasonal campaign link, which would essentially be theme-based. Plan the link around the holiday season. Users expect some exciting offers around the festive days, and gifting them would grab their attention.
  • Constantly engage yourself in improving your mobile app features for your customers. It would not let any other competitor supersede you! An easy way of doing this is to plan short and useful surveys for your customers and email them to your users.
  • Always keep a catch and leave something to them at the end of the survey form. This logic would be beneficial for both parties!
  • Localize, if not customize, your emails! Customizing your emails according to the preferences of each of your users can be a hectic job! But, what if you invite customers from around the globe and send emails to them in their native language? This personalization would urge them to open your email and read what’s inside.

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