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Innovative promotional techniques keep entering the marketing world. So, most of us would say that using email marketing in-app development scenarios has lost its relevance due to its age-old existence in the field.

However, this is not the case. Let us look at some statistical facts to prove our point. For 89% of marketers worldwide, email is the best and the most prominent lead generation channel. Intriguingly, the same percentage of people prefer to delete or send such non-mobile-optimized emails to the trash.

If you belong to one of those communities who think, “Why email marketing in Mobile App Development”? And “What could be the possible reason that this is still working?” then you should check out this article.

You would come to know precisely why and how it is important to integrate email marketing in mobile app development.

Exploring Email Marketing

For the unversed, email marketing is not complex. It just involves sending messages to potential app users via email. This email campaign, however, is primarily transmitted to build relationships with potential app users.

This unique kind of direct marketing entails the customers downloading, using, and reviewing a mobile application. Several companies have seen how the proper use of email marketing can churn their small applications to huge profit-driven markets.

The truth is, the rise of social media channels has not restricted the usability and advantages of email marketing. This marketing channel is still flourishing and is on the rise!

Now that we know what email marketing is let’s see how it has helped many mobile applications succeed and make money.

Importance of Email Marketing in Mobile App Development

Here is why it is essential to use email marketing to develop your mobile applications effectively.

Mobile apps can very easily track the return of investments of your email campaigns using this marketing channel. It does not take much time, energy, or money to reach millions of global users with a single email.

All you require is a little knowledge and the ability to handle the email marketing functionalities in the mobile app.

The email advertising features in your app could segregate your email recipients, and you can prepare content according to your different potential users. It offers a chance to develop motivating and captivating content to capture the eyes of your mobile app users. It gives you the power to curate unique and appropriate content on different occasions.

If you are planning to develop a mobile app, do not forget to include email advertising as a vital component of the campaigning process.

Since mobile phones are the most accessible electronic gadgets to people worldwide, using emails to reach out to them is the most effective method.

With a little fine-tuning, you can get your potential app users to open the messages you send via emails as a part of your marketing campaign.

Reasons to Integrate Email Marketing into your App

Essentially, the importance of email advertising in mobile devices makes up most of the reasons why one should integrate email marketing functionality into your mobile app. The reasons mentioned below give an in-depth insight into its integration importance.

Global access

You cannot restrict your marketing campaigns to certain territorial boundaries if the base of your audience is worldwide. With emails, you do not have to do that. You can easily reach a global audience with the help of a finely created email marketing campaign.

Unlike most social media channels and conventional marketing, you can use email marketing to access global audiences without incurring costs.

Conveniently measurable results

How would you know if all the hard work you do in sending email marketing campaigns is successful or not? Analytics plays a key role here. Email marketing is known to produce precise and targeted results, as opposed to conventional marketing.

Email marketing analytics gives you measures of metrics like retention rates, open rates, and click rates which can help you with insights into the behaviors of your potential app users. You can then use these insights to make changes to the relevant aspect of your email marketing messages.

Easy to share

What can be better than convincing the users to get more app users for your mobile app? It is easier said than done. Suppose the content of your email is appealing, meaningful, and valuable to the audience. In that case, they can easily share (or forward) the email received by you to their friends, colleagues, and family. This functionality would give more excellent conversion rates to your mobile app.

The system can target the audience easily

If you know how to use the aspects of email marketing carefully, you would also be aware of the process involving segmenting your audience. By separating potential customers and stagnant app users, you can target those you want to.

You can customize the email by inserting relevant demographics and using the tools to view how many potential app users opened the email.

When you precisely send personalized messages to a defined audience, conversion rates become higher, and you see new elevation rates. All this can be easily executed through email marketing campaigns.


If you decide to use email marketing to raise your mobile app awareness, it would not cost you much. Email marketing is significantly cheaper than other marketing channels because your company has to craft an attractive message and send it to all your potential mobile app users.

Low cost and unbelievably high returns on investment, how good is that? This high ROI is one of the tops and fundamental reasons why all high-end companies require email marketing to run their businesses and mobile apps.

Quick results

How much time does it take for an e-mail to ping up as the notification on your mobile phone? A few seconds. Given that smartphones are an inevitable part of human life, the immediacy with which these emails are opened and checked is very quick.

Therefore, it is safe and feasible to say that a good e-mail marketing message can produce meaningful and quick results within seconds of being sent. You can take the assistance of email marketing methods even before your app is launched.

Pre and post-app launch notifications have become a thing. You can get users to sign up to receive a piece of news whenever your app is out for downloading purposes!

Ease of purchase

Email marketing does not let your customer hang in between decisions. Instead, the Email marketing team can do it in a well-crafted email that impresses users who do not find it challenging to download and use your mobile app.

This process saves them from the hassle of surfing through the web to download your app. Insert appropriate app store platform links in your email to promote customer satisfaction. Craft these links in a way that doesn’t demand more than one or two clicks from the side of your customer to take them to the downloadable source.

Satisfying consequence

We exist in a world where tough competition is growing day by day. The chances are that the features your mobile app uses are also offered by your counterparts. But what would make you supersede your competitors in this tough competition?

If you guessed email marketing, give yourself a star because that is it! When we say that email marketing provides a satisfying consequence, we mean that it catches the attention of your potential app users and allows you to remain fresh in their minds.

This way, if your user ever thinks of availing of a service that you offer, there are greater chances that they would turn to you than to your competitors.

How to Maximize Email Marketing Aspects for Mobile App Development?

As we have seen, there is no denying the fact that e-mail marketing might be the most underrated marketing channel. However, knowing the importance is not enough. One should also be aware of the valuable tips that would kickstart and boost the email marketing ways for mobile app developers.

Follow any or all of the following email marketing strategies for mobile app development to get the most of your marketing campaigns:

  • Start by optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobiles. Adapting email content to mobile devices is an absolute stance but is still missing from many marketing campaigns.
  • You can attract mobile users to your marketing campaigns by keeping the messages shorter but impactful (or average length), reducing the length of URLs, using appropriate calls to action, and inserting catchy subject lines (should not be too long).
  • Do not forget to add some exciting seasonal campaign link, which would essentially be theme-based. Plan the link around the holiday season. Users expect some exciting offers around the festive days, and gifting them would grab their attention.
  • Constantly engage yourself in improving your mobile app features for your customers. It would not let any other competitor supersede you! An easy way of doing this is to plan short and useful surveys for your customers and email them to your users.
  • Always keep a catch and leave something to them at the end of the survey form. This logic would be beneficial for both parties!
  • Localize, if not customize, your emails! Customizing your emails according to the preferences of each of your users can be a hectic job! But, what if you invite customers from around the globe and send emails to them in their native language? This personalization would urge them to open your email and read what’s inside.

These tips and tricks should assist you in getting maximum visitors on your mobile app within no time! Attempt them and let us know what worked.

Key Takeaways

Remember the impact that a skillfully crafted e-mail has on your audience, and you will never run out of ideas. Let us conclude by revisiting some critical reasons to select email marketing as your promotional strategy for boosting your mobile app conversion rates.

One, Mobile app development companies can do the job at reasonable pricing. Second, your brand awareness gets a new boost and increases the trust of your mobile app among your users. And finally, it educates your customer base about any further information surrounding your application and is quickly noticed!

Further, do not set a particular stance for sending emails. Instead, follow both internal and external metrics and use them to know how your e-mail marketing campaigns are doing.

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