Quality is the Holy Grail that search engines seek:

Quality scores above quantity when it comes to delivering content. For example- For local SEO services, good SEO company in Chennai will tell you that search engine crawlers are always on the lookout for good quality content as opposed to massive content uploaded on various websites.

The title should explain what your blog is about:

A compelling and alluring title can do wonders for your website. In this age of technology, while we do not expect our potential customers and web browsers to look for relevant information by clicking on each blog, including relevant information and keywords in the title helps.

Pique your readers’ interest:

Your content need not revolve around your product or service solely, a fact several ecommerce solutions providers tend to ignore. Including contemporary and updated information related in some way to your website helps.

Open up to the world with your content:

Do you want more people to read your content? There are many ways in which you may promote your content to the public, and one of them is to share it on various social media platforms and email marketing.

Churning old content:

It might not be possible to create new content every time. Scan your website and check which blogs or articles performed well in the past. The content contained in those articles may be relevant to today’s times, though the information may not be updated.

Images capture attention better than words:

Images speak more than words as they help readers visualize about the product or the services they wish to seek. Add relevant videos or images to your content page or blog as an effective SEO strategy.

Decrease time of website loading:

Websites that take time to load lose customers easily. Those browsing the web either on their laptops or their smartphones tend to shuffle across other web pages and lose track of what they had been looking for originally.


With constant changes in Google algorithms and multitude digital marketing techniques practiced by most websites, it is not easy to get your content ranked. However, following the aforementioned SEO tips earnestly can get your content ranked among the top five positions in Google’s search engine pages.



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