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Is there any better way to learn more about successful content-marketing than sneaking into the mind of the real experts of the niche? These guys seem to be real geniuses, who have a clear idea about how things work.

When you open any social media resource, be it Facebook or Instagram, some posts attract your attention more than the others. This is not a coincidence.

Every attractive content has a smart marketer behind it and he really knows how to impress you and other potential customers. Yes, these guys are the real gurus, who know a lot about their potential clients as well as marketing as a whole.

Considering the preferences and interest of the target audience, they know how to turn the lumps of data into an effective strategy. There is no need to say that they do that because well-thought and good-looking content brings more revenue.

In this article, we are going to present an interview with a content-marketing pro from TechCrunch, Travis Bernard. This is a big name in the industry, so you will surely find something useful in his advice. Let’s start.

Content marketing advice from Travis Bernard, a director of audience development at TechCrunch

Travis Bernard TechCrunch
Travis Bernard TechCrunch
Travis Bernard TechCrunch
Travis Bernard TechCrunch
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Q: What is the main secret every content manager should know to attract more customers?

Q: Can you give some recommendations about the headlines?

Second, don’t be afraid to use words that evoke emotions (whether negative or positive). However, don’t overdo with exaggeration. It works well sometimes, but when you use it too often, there is a risk that you will lose your customers’ trust. Use emotional expressions and hyperbola only when they make sense.

Third, use relevant scientific words in your headlines to increase their authority. Words like “research” or “experiment” work really good.

And the last one, organize your articles as the numbered lists and inform your readers about the information they are going to receive in the headline. Numbers are important. For example, “The 10 best strategies to…” or “The 5 greatest solutions for…”

Q: What is “good data” and what sources one should use to receive it?

Q: What type of content usually works?

Q: What kind of stories the audience usually appreciate?

The trick is to create shareable stories people will naturally like. For instance, most of us like stories that teach us something and we are more likely to share such content with others. It is a certain kind of knowledge and we believe that it really is useful. I don’t mean that you have to be a professional writer to do that. Marketers should think about the lessons they can share with the audience and find a good storytelling format for them.”

Q: Will content marketing stay in place with the advancement of technology?

Q: What is your favorite content marketing tool?

Q: Are there any tactics you can recommend?

Q: What would you say to our readers in the conclusion?

Now you have some tips on efficient marketing campaigns and headlines writing at hand! These tips are already tested by Travis, one of the most successful marketers we know. So make sure to remember these recommendations next time you launch a project! Good luck!

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