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Apple has always tried to come up with something new with every launch of the iPhone and the dedicated iOS. However, the features of iOS 11 are something near to the concept of high-end technology. Even though the developers were found to be struggling since its introduction but the features of the operating system have huge potential to collaborate with more user integrated applications. The app developers, as well as Apple, always work on improving the UI & UX this is why the all the leading application developers are seeking hidden opportunities that can go well with the limits of iOS 11. Here we have a complete list of all the features that can be collaborated with the designs of applications to deliver what is called exceptional UI & UX.

Siri Interface

The introduction of Siri with iOS 10 was limited to use with the apps as Apple does not have work on giving the power to developers to use Siri in the applications. However, the iOS 11 has overcome such flaws and now it gives them access to app development that can use the power of this interactive tool. Siri can now be used in applications to write texts, make replies, making notes and lists and much more. However, developers can use this feature to develops the app that can support the transfer of funds, display codes for app sharing giving a hands-free experience of smartphone use.

Natural Language Integration

The iOS is built entirely with the focus on machine learning concept and this is the reason why it works so well with natural language. The introduction of this feature has enabled the users to easily look for the name of people, their contact and even their address due to the greater level of intelligence within the system. The concept of natural language is not just limited to recognizing people but it can be used to find the relevant text supporting your intent to write text. Yes, it is something like a friend who could get your sentiments just from the text you write. So, using these features in-app is surely a great move in improving the user involvement in boosting the iOS app development industry.


QR Code Scanning

Now, this is something we have already seen in the past but not to its full extent. People like to have the applications which offer convenience to move or share from device to device and QR code helps to do it. iOS offers automatic barcode scanning options with the camera that can be used to reach for a snap and scanning a code to reach a website or applications you want to use. This seems so easy and pleasant for the users because they don’t need to type long URLs or explore the app store to find the intended application. The introduction of such free features is an opportunity for developers that can be used to increase the visibility of applications.

Face Detection Security

The iOS 11 hits the market with the features of face detection and tracking which is the best part of the era where everyone needs their device to be secured and their data to be protected. Apple’s vision framework integrated the real-time image capturing and video recording to detect the features of the face. This means the applications could easily work on the idea of augmented reality to add any objects with the images and videos. The iOS 11 is not complex like the older versions of the operating system thus it can help the developers to easily include any object with the images and applications.

Object Recognition

The vision framework has also worked on detecting the objects in the real-time which means the camera could be used to detect different objects within the real world. This means applications could be designed that can use the camera to detect an object, for example, a soccer ball and share all the necessary information related to it on the screen like the history, the shops nearby which deals in it etc. it can also be used in travel applications to explore the places around the world and get the information by pointing camera towards them. It is a great choice for curious people who always want to know about their surroundings.

Prints To Digital Content

Now, this is again something which goes great with the vision. The iOS 11 concept of machine learning can be used with the vision to read the handwritten words from prints and convert them into texts. Even though this concept is still in testing but it can be used in the development process of applications to use offline content and process it to the digital form of information.

Push Notifications

The idea of push notifications is not so new but still, there is something which Apple has discovered with iOS 11. Apple has featured the new idea of push notifications which can help the users to get engaged with notifications as it enables to check and view the image and video data directly from lock screen. Moreover, it also gives the freedom to track the chat directly from the lock screen without even entering the application. Moreover, you can also add the privacy to notifications by hiding preview options if you are one of those conscious users.

Drag Dropping

The iOS is not limited to the above features but the latest idea of drag-dropping for iPad is also a great thing for the apple users. A person using Ipad can now drag and drop the objects from one application to other. Moreover, a text can be pointed to a particular word and multiple contents can be selected by using fingers (only on Ipad).

The new development environment Xcode Swift compiler is something which has enabled the developers to outreach the features of iOS much easily in app development. The features of iOS 11 possess so many advantages that can be effectively used in applications but it is you who has to make some effort because the features of iOS 11 that feature in-app purchases with sorted payment method can also be a great benefit for developing companies in driving revenues. So working on developing iOS 11 based apps would be a great move, after all, it is all about grabbing the opportunity.

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