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What are the benefits of hyper-personalization?

Firstly, it’s important to understand the key reasons why implementing a more advanced personalization strategy is so imperative, and how it can help your business engage, inspire and retain more and more customers than ever before. If you get it right (and you have the right tools and capabilities at your disposal) there is almost endless potential for growing your online presence, your brand reputation, and your annual turnover.

More loyal customers

In an ever-expanding online marketplace, the value of consumer loyalty is at an all-time high, so it’s more important than ever to turn prospects into first-time buyers and one-off purchasers into frequently-returning regulars. But that also means it’s increasingly difficult, as an abundance of choice in an overcrowded market means customers can be as fickle or as choosy as they like when it comes to the brands and companies they pledge allegiances to.

Increased conversion and revenue

Conversion and revenue are increasingly tied to personalization, as a highly-personalized shopping experience is far more likely to lead to a sale and slash drop-off rates. A so-so experience with little in the way of tailored content will often fail to excite or entice a potential lead, but an acute knowledge of exactly what makes your customer tick coupled with the ability to offer it to them at precisely the right moment in their buying journey (whether that’s an exclusive discount, a personalized buying guide or a fully customizable product offering) will unlock their capacity (and their inclination) to convert.

The ability to adapt and evolve

Businesses generally fail when they standstill and the same principle can be applied to your personalization strategy. Remember that your customers’ needs, behaviors, and motivations continually evolve based on their circumstances (personal, financial, etc.), their values, and life choices. The way they interact with your brand is likely to shift over time.

Use data effectively

An advantage of advanced customization is the ability to access real-time data about your customers’ buying histories and activities and utilize that data to create a unique, personalized environment that meets their anticipated needs and wishes (and offers solutions to problems expected). Netflix does this well, using its robust algorithm to make relevant, personalized TV and movie recommendations.

Focus on the customer experience is one of the best Personalization Strategy

The more you learn about how your customers interact with your site, the more you can tailor their experience to enhance satisfaction and further engagement. Many marketing professionals believe customer experience is the most critical aspect of a leading-edge personalization strategy; your customers’ time is at a premium, and a chaotic, impersonal approach is likely to turn them off for good, but if you have a detailed profile of your customer and capable development resources, you can build a truly personalized experience.

Reward your most loyal customers

As we’ve already mentioned, the ability to convert casual onlookers and infrequent purchasers into loyal, repeat customers is one of the biggest advantages of a dynamic personalization strategy. And to keep your most engaged customers buying into your brand or your product offering, it’s important that you use personalization to continue rewarding their loyalty. Using machine-powered intel, the data you collect about your audience will allow you to identify your ‘gold standard’ consumers (those whose time and money are most valuable to you) and enable you to serve bespoke, tailored content directly to them.

Use social media to your advantage

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