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Driving consumer awareness is a great way to create more sales for your brand. It could be a guest article, a podcast, a print mention, a video presentation or just a successful multi-channel marketing campaign.

Different types of content can really push your target audience to land on your website which increases awareness around your brand. However, you cannot use web traffic alone to convert them into tangible sales. The initial step involves having a complete understanding of the conversion funnel. Perceive how every individual step of the funnel is aligned with your brand.

The general components that make up the conversion funnel include:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Conversion

Once you have these basic levels in place, converting potential customers down the funnel essentially becomes a more streamlined process.

Knowing What You Need to Measure

Tracking your consumer awareness across digital channels in alignment with the impact that it has had on you, selling the brand has become easier. Take a look at some avenues of consumer awareness that helps in tracking and measuring awareness for your brand.


Search functions on most social platforms are pretty simple. You just need to type in your brand name and track the number of times that your brand has been mentioned. To understand the sort of consumer awareness generated, you can filter your search by most recent posts, locations, and dates and measure the buzz around your brand. A number of social listening tools can help you achieve this goal.


Facebook and Instagram have the insights tab that allows you to check the consumer reach on individual social media posts. You can go one step further and bifurcate between interest generated through organic and paid methods.


Typically, engagements are measuring consumer reactions through likes, shares, comments. This helps you assess how many of your potential audience checked out your feed and interacted with it.

Determining Brand Awareness

There are several tools and methods that can help you measure the consumer awareness that your brand has generated over a period.


A ton of conversations amongst consumers takes place offline. This is something that you obviously cannot track either through website analytics or social media. The fallback methods that have had the most success in this space are surveys.

If your business is new in this, the best way forward is to use a free online survey creator. You can come up with a list of questions that are relevant to your business. If you are not well-versed in designing questions, you can opt for an online survey maker that can help you create online questionnaires.

Once you create a survey, ensure that share it with your target audience either through your website, email or phone. This helps in gathering information on how potential and existing customers perceive your brand.

Website Traffic

You need to know how your website is performing. That includes being able to track consumer brand awareness over a period, the source of interest generated and if it is converting into sales. All of this can be done with the help of an analytics tool that should be integrated with your website.

Search Volume Data

Just like you can check on social mentions on social media platforms, you can carry out a similar exercise with search engines too. This allows you to assess the search volume against your brand name.

Social Listening

A manual social insights check may not be able to pick up on every single social mention. That’s where social listening tools figure in when it comes to measuring brand awareness. These advanced tools not only dig up every individual social mention but can also unearth extra conversations taking place around your brand on the web.

Social Media

With so many transformations, tracking your consumer awareness surrounding your brand on social platforms is more complicated than ever before. However, with the right tools in place, you can access accurate data that can help to measure your brand awareness which can eventually convert into sales.

Converting Awareness into Sales

While building consumer awareness is important, ultimately what matters is how much sales have you been able to generate. Consider the following methods:

Contemplate Accessibility on Multiple Formats

Studies have shown that “84% of shoppers engaged in activity prior to making a purchase, especially using their mobile phones as shopping aids, to compare prices, find retailers, get product information and redeem mobile offers.”

What does that really translate into? A brand has to be available, either online or offline, wherever the consumers are and grab the opportunity to convert prospects into sales. Being available to the consumer on multiple formats as shoppers can reach it from practically any avenue. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly if you do not have a mobile app. Keep your platforms relevant and updated to continue with top of the mind brand recall.

Make Use of Your Search Results

Search results are an essential facet of building brand awareness. However, converting that interest into sales is equally important. This makes coming up with an SEO strategy for brand an absolute must.

Over time, a strategic SEO approach will help in creating content on your website and social media channels that will help in answering a number of questions that your target audience may have. Applying the right keywords to your marketing initiatives such as web articles, social posts, and even product pages will garner better returns from your search and social listening tools. But remember whatever content that you generate must be engaging and organic.

Include Clear Call to Actions

Your customers may need a little push into the right direction when it comes to completing the next step of the process such as buying your product, giving you their email address, or another action. A clear Call-to-action does just that. Include direct and precise copy that call out to a specific action that needs to be performed.

Your CTAs can be visual too. This can additionally help in directing prospective customers from the brand awareness stage to the conversion level.

The Way Forward with Converting Awareness to Sales

It can be tricky taking a consumer down the consumer funnel minus the right tools and knowledge. Smart marketing plans built around targeted campaigns can help build brand loyalty and convert awareness to sales.

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