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When companies began using the internet for promotion, it was seen as mostly a marketing “side gig.” However, when online marketing grew, people saw it necessary to have a presence on multiple online channels.

Businesses started booming, brands found it easier to connect with their customers, and the market was getting more and more competitive. While a competitive market provides great product quality for customers, it makes it hard for brands to promote their products properly.

Just because there is competition involved, doesn’t mean there aren’t any viable strategies. We’ve decided to list the 15 most effective ones. With them, your brand will get the recognition it deserves.

1. Gifts

Other than your regular sales, rewarding your customers both by merit or randomly is great for promotion. Such marketing schemes build up hype and cause your customers to get more excited about upcoming products. Social media is great for organizing giveaways, promotions, and competitions. A few free products can boost your business greatly.

2. Email marketing

Albeit a bit underrated today, email marketing is both consistent and effective for product promotion. “Reaching out to your customers directly via email is a great solution,” says Kyle Leonard, a marketing expert who works for a top quality assignment service. “Social media bombards the user with all kinds of content, whereas emails provide a more intimate approach.”

3. Affiliate programs

If you’re having problems driving sales and pumping up your numbers, you should add an affiliate program to your brand. Creating custom URLs for each promoter will give your brand credibility. Because real people are advertising their product, those who see the ads will be more likely to make a purchase.

4. Get press room

Publicity is good, and you should have third parties writing about your brand. Bloggers around the world are looking for subjects to write about. Find someone that writes about the area of business you operate in and contact them. The free press will cause an influx of new customers.

5. Make use of Periscope

Periscope may be a new platform, but brand managers are already using it to promote their products. One good way of utilizing this tool is organizing live Q&A sessions. Doing them on a regular basis will allow your customers to get to know you better and develop a broader range of knowledge.

6. Pinterest

Taking photos of your products isn’t just for social media promotion. Pinterest is oriented around high-quality images. Pins on the site last a long time, giving you unlimited airtime. Also, posting when everyone is online will help you reach the highest possible number of people. Rich Pins should also be enabled.

7. Pinterest Buyable Pins

Running a Shopify store is tough, especially because the eligibility requirements are tough to meet. Fortunately, you can use Buyable Pins on Pinterest. With this option, your customers can click on the image, and it will leave them to the landing page. Even reposts can include it.

8. Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is much more than a social network now, as it became a viable advertising platform for brands of all kinds. With Custom Audience, you can target your website visitors and email subscribers. For increased effectiveness and better targeting, this method has proven to be very worthwhile.

9. Facebook Shop Section

Facebook is still not done with surprises, especially if you have a Shopify store. By using Facebook as a sales channel, a shop section will be created on your Facebook page. With just one click, people will be able to find out more about your products and purchase them following a simple process.

10. Search Engine Optimization

Google is used by literally everyone in the world. Optimizing your site for Google can result in better promotion. As you calibrate your keywords, invest in optimizing your site architecture, you will rank higher in search results. With only a basic strategy, you can help yourself be found by more new people.

11. Uncrate

Getting one’s product featured on Uncrate is a big privilege. The site is full of loyal followers, but they are not only window shoppers. Purchases are frequent, and a feature on Uncrate will land you more sales, more revenue and provide a basis for better product promotion.

12. Word of mouth

Word of mouth is probably the oldest marketing method in existence. By relying on your customers to talk about your product, you can expect more and more sales. Scientifically speaking, people are more prone to believe other people than claims from ads or campaigns.

13. Good customer service

If you are ready to help your customers and hear them out, they will stay loyal to your brand. After a while, you will earn a reputation as a customer-oriented brand and people will start taking an interest in your products.

14. Joining Reddit communities

Reddit isn’t that popular with brands, but the community for every single subject or facet of interest is big. By posting in a subreddit related to your business, you will be able to score hits with people who are interested.

15. Blogging

And last but not least — blogging. By writing about your endeavors and experiences, you will be able to advertise your products much more efficiently. Any related topic will do and can function as a viable introduction.

To conclude

While these may not be all the ways to promote your product, they are the most efficient. Have fun with them, mix it up and you will find your products to be much more popular than before.

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