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What are Code Snippets in WordPress?

Using Too Many Plugins Can Slow Down Your WordPress Website

Why Do We Need Code Snippets for WordPress?

  1. Reduce the number of plugins for more straightforward tasks. It is like using hooks to disable/enable or add/remove certain WordPress functionalities. Using code snippets can reduce the number of plugins used on the website.
  2. Code snippets are reusable and resource-friendly.
  3. Code snippets are a way to save a snippet of code needed for a site’s functionality. It can apply to various kinds of usage; for example, you can add google tag manager code to all of your pages. Another example is to use a CSS snippet that applies to a specific page of your website.

What Are The Usual Means of Adding Code Snippets to a WordPress Website?

  • Using a Code Snippet Manager Plugin from WordPress Repository.
  • Create a site-specific custom plugin that contains useful snippets.
  • Add the code snippets into existing functions.php files that are included within the theme folder.

The Current Drawbacks of the Above Mentioned Systems

  • Code Snippet Manager plugins are not currently configured to sync between websites at the time of this writing. This means you need to copy or create files on your other WordPress websites manually.
  • Creating a site-specific plugin will require you to create a small plugin and upload it to the specific WordPress website plugin folder. This can be tiresome if you have more than 3 sites.
  • If you have a single error in the plugin file or functions.php file, your site might be unusable until you fix the code.
  • The functions.php files are generally part of the custom theme you are using, and often they contain theme-specific codes there. If you add it to that file, it might get overwritten when you update the theme. Also, those functions will not work if you switch the active theme.
  • Any code error will break the website as well. It is difficult to track which piece of code broke the website.

What is WPCodeBox?

Deploy Custom Codes with WPCodeBox Cloud
WPCodeBox Screen

How is WPCodeBox Different from Others?

  • WPCodeBox supports snippets for visual builders such as Divi, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Thrive, and similar.
  • Code error checking is one of the most important features of WPCodeBox
  • WPCodeBox works independently and does not require any custom plugin file, child theme, or a functions.php file.
  • WPCodeBox can synchronize specific code snippets to all your other WordPress sites.
  • An efficient policy of handling Code Errors in Snippets. If a code induces a fatal error on the website, the snippet will be automatically disabled to ensure your website is up and running.
  • It can save your custom code snippets to the cloud, which you can re-use on each of your new or old websites.
  • It also comes with a good selection of ready code snippets that you can start using immediately.
  • It allows you to load the code snippets conditionally, just in the front or backend, or customize it.
  • You can organize your code snippets using folders.
  • You can enable or disable the snippets individually.
  • You can keep custom PHP, JS, CSS, SCSS, and LESS codes in the library.
  • You can add codes to a single post, individual pages, custom post types with conditional statements.

The Process to Deploy Custom Codes with WPCodeBox Cloud

First, Get Your Hands on WPCodeBox Plugin

WPCodeBox has 3 pricing tiers available

Wpcodebox Offer

WPCodeBox Lifetime Deal

Step 1 — Installing WPCodeBox on One of Your WordPress Site

Step 2 — Access WPCodeBox

Wpcodebox Interface

Step 3 — Choose A Code Snippet from Library or Create Your Own

WPCodeBox Repository

Step 4 — Upload Your Snippets to The Cloud Storage

Wpcodebox Cloud Upload
Cloud Upload

Step 5 — Install and Access WPCodeBox on Another WordPress Site

Wpcodebox Items Saved In The Cloud
Items Saved In The Cloud

Step 6 — Download Your Snippets from The Cloud

Wpcodebox Download Snippet
Download Snippet

Step 7 — Apply Custom Codes with WPCodeBox into the New Website

Wpcodebox Activate Snippet
Activate Snippet

Advantages for Deploying Code Snippets with WPCodeBox

Automatically Disable Snippets When there is an Error

Conditional Loading of Code Snippets

Multiple Types of Snippets Support

WPCodeBox Features Wishlist

  • Batch download and upload snippets
  • Folder Synchronization

WPCodeBox Upcoming Features

Chrome Extension

Multiple API Keys

Generate WordPress Plugin

Conclusion to Deploy Custom Codes with WPCodeBox Cloud



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