How to Create a Responsive Video Carousel Slider in WordPress Featured Image

What is a video slider, and what do they do?

What is it about video sliders that makes them so effective?

Here are the points to take care of while selecting a WordPress video plugin for your WordPress site

Video Gallery and Player

  • HTML5 (Self Hosted) video management settings included autoplay, controls, muted, and more.
  • Security measures to prevent HTML5 video downloads.
  • The video play icon may be customized to suit your preferences.
  • Popups should not be closed when the overlay is clicked.
  • Use the container ID as a pagination URL to go back to the plugin’s container once again.
  • A set of filters that developers may use to alter the query for plugins.

Step 1: Installation of Video Gallery and Player

Step 2: Add and finalize the carousel and its type

Create A Responsive Video Carousel Slider In WordPress

Step 3: Displaying the video carousel

Step 4: Customizing your video carousel

Wrap Up



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