Content is king

  • Research keywords. You need to study what people are looking for on the Internet. There are lots of services that provide you with detailed data on your audience’s interest.
  • Use your keywords, but organically. It’s great to use the keywords you’ve scouted on your research, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your articles with them mindlessly.
  • Write articles that are useful. The algorithms that are designed to bring valuable websites up and push useless websites down are incredibly sophisticated and are based on artificial intelligence. These algorithms can recognize what is useful content very precisely.
  • Study the technicalities. Before you invest time and money into SEO, make sure that you understand its basics. Your content might be great, but you might have too many popups on your site or maybe have images that are too large, which may significantly decrease your rank in the search results.
  • Write exhaustive articles. Longer articles are preferred over shorter ones for a good reason. They’re more informative and thus more valuable to the reader.

SEO Tools are essential for Marketing

Audit your site, along with your competitors’

  • How usable is their site? Is the User Experience design on point?
  • Is the website appropriately structured?
  • Research your competitors’ keywords.
  • Look how many backlinks they have and how much organic traffic they get.
  • Are their snippets well-written?
  • Is their content well-written?
  • What are their most powerful keywords?
  • How well have they tapped into social media?

User Experience is vital for Marketing and SEO

  • Accessible: users will find it comfortable to use and explore your site
  • Valuable: User Experience makes sure that the user’s expectations are met, and SEO makes sure that the user finds what he’s looking for
  • Easy to use: a smooth design will ensure that users will return to the website to use it
  • Searchable: good design makes sure that your website will be easy to find on search engines
  • Trustworthy: User Experience makes sure that your site will look credible and legit

Advertise your service on other websites




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