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Cost of Building Up An On-Demand House Cleaning Application Featured Image

The concept of on-demand cleaning services is hitting the market. More and more people who can not find the time to clean indoors are relying on these services. It’s such a great service that it has given rise to its own separate industry. This on-demand house cleaning applications and services have changed the way we perceive and view technical innovation. This has brought in light ample of new opportunities in the entrepreneur industry, with more and more people coming up with on-demand house cleaning services.

So, if you are also one of those excited entrepreneurs who want to join this service-based industry but looking for the right developers then we would recommend you to look online for the best solution possible. Either way, if you have the right people with you and an amazing application for the user then you are bound to succeed in this industry. Although if you are not getting started due to the cost of the building up this on-demand house cleaning service application then don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the best tips, tricks and possible expenses that might help you get the overall cost of building up an On-Demand House cleaning Application.

Well if you want to grasp the idea about the average expensive you might need to make for your application then you need to first decide the different features you want to include in your application. Here are some of the basic features to be included in your on-demand house cleaning application.

Online consultation firm or chatroom

This one of the most important and crucial features that makes this online cleaning application so much effective unique and takes the application to a whole new level. This feature allows the user to communicate with the service provider or the assigned cleaners directly and explain then in brief that they exactly want. It’s a great feature that helps in building a better relationship between the user and the service provider. It also helps the service provider understand the user requirement in a better way and also personalize the service according to the user.


When you work in a service-based industry it’s always important to have a subscription or a premium application for users who wants something extra service provider is offering. Usually, not all the users want the same service and similarly not all service providers deliver the same thing that is why having a premium app or subscription is necessary for such users and service providers. The on-demand house cleaning application for extending services such as washing or ironing of clothes, placing some kitchen stuff, taking special care of your pets, babysitting your kid while cleaning your house, etc are included in that something extra or available to those with a subscription.

Multiple Languages

In a country like ours where we have such a diverse population, having an application with a single language is just waste. Well, it’s not like your application will not work at all in the market if you don’t have multiple language options. But if you want to reach out to more people and connect with them in a more personalized and effective manner. It’s a great way to connect and communicate with your users at a more personal level, so if you want to achieve something like that then make sure to have this feature in your application.


One of the most important aspects of an application is its user-friendliness. If your interface is not user-friendly with a seamless navigation system then it gets your user to confuse leaving them with no option, but to switch to a new application with a better navigation system. The navigation system is also important to let your user reach the desired information with ease.

Inbuilt Payment System

One of the most important features of an online service application is the inbuilt invoice and payment option. If your application does not support a centralized payment option then it won’t just cause an inconvenience for the users but also lead to a technical failure in your business model.

So, the app needs to have a predefined list of the services you offer and their prices, all linked to your billing and payment system. The invoice system makes this system a lot trustworthy and transparent from the perspective of the user of the application.

GPS Tracking

Like we said when you are providing online service some things become standard, so as to provide customer satisfaction and assurance. In an on-demand cleaning application, GPS is used to track the cleaners on their way to clean. This feature utilizes Google Maps for Android and mapkit for iOS devices.

Cleaners Profile

One of the most awkward issues in this cleaning service-based business is the idea of a stranger visiting someone’s home and working. If you want to have a successful business then you need to address this issue a most of your users might not like this idea. That is why you need to have a separate feature to just tackle this specific issue.

The most effective way to successfully and effectively solve this issue by having a properly verified profile of each and every clear in your database. This will allow the user to not only verify if the right cleaner reaches their home and at the same time get to know the work history of the cleaner.

Well, the overall cost of the application depends on you, if you choose to opt for an application with a variety of features and functions then yes sure your developer will charge you as per the number of features you choose to add in your application. However, if you want to start with a basic app then add on features as your user base grows too then it’s perfectly right and in that case, the cost of app building would come down.

Thus, the cost is dependent on what you like your app to be and how big the market are you looking to capitalize on.

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