Building a SaaS Startup in 2022: All You Need to Know Featured Image

Step #1: Identifying a Consumer Pain Point

Step #2: Market Research

Industry research

  • collect a solid resource base
  • subscribe to leading analysts
  • explore fresh content that will keep you up to date on everything you’ll need to know to stand a chance of making it in SaaS

Competitor research

Step #3: Developing a Solution-based Product

What is an MVP?

Wihat Is An Mvp

Step #4: Marketing Strategy

Set up branding guidelines

Invest in SEO, content, & social media marketing

  • generate organic traffic to your website
  • boost your brand’s authority and trustworthiness
  • spread the word about your products
  • minimize your advertising costs

Set a paid advertising budget

Define KPIs

  • avoid unnecessary spending
  • have relevant data to base your decisions on
  • catch any unexpected audience reactions in time
  • are able to adapt your approach as necessary

Step #5: Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Building a SaaS startup: Wrapping Up



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Ruhani Rabin

Ruhani Rabin


Ruhani Rabin being a tech and product evangelist for almost 20 years. He was VP, CPO for various digital companies. Plays with Drones in his free time.