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  1. Templates: It is given that an online survey builder has to have pre-designed templates. Not every user is adept at creating surveys online. So, such analyze templates come in handy. They are also time-saving.
  2. Pictures and videos: Nothing appeals to the audience to finish up taking the study than pictorial or video description. Sometimes it becomes easier to answer too because of the illustrations.
  3. Sharing surveys: The customer is ready to take the survey, but you cannot share the survey link via social media because the software does not allow so. You lose out on this response and many other such responses as well. So, the online survey app should allow sharing on all platforms.
  4. Export files: You want to be able to store the respondent data. What better way to keep it than in cloud storage software! But this could only happen if the survey app integrates with the cloud storage app.

Best Online Survey Tools in 2021

1. Fynzo Online Survey

Fynzo Survey - Best Online Survey Tools & Apps to Look for in 2021
  • Skip logic to skip to questions relevant to the previous answers. Rather than browsing through the whole questionnaire, respondents find the ones applicable to them.
  • Experts are available to guide round the clock. Chat with them to resolve your software issues.
  • Survey templates ranging from customer feedback forms to employee satisfaction surveys, everything is available.
  • Send surveys by mailing or messaging the link and follow up with reminders to complete the survey.

2. Alchemer

Alchemer Survey
  • Design the surveys as you please with fonts, colors, styles, backgrounds, or themes.
  • Use your business logo to make the audience notice you. It also looks better.
  • If you want, you can remove the alchemer watermark to make the survey feel like your own.
  • Users can access surveys on all Android and Apple devices as well as Windows.

3. Zonka feedback

Zonka Feedback
  • Apart from online methods, use offline feedback kiosks as well, with Zonka feedback.
  • Collect Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction level, and customer effort score to know where your business stands.
  • Get notified of new feedback to check real-time scores.
  • Question branching helps you to direct each answer to a different relevant question.

4. Hubspot Online Survey Tools

  • Instructions are available for beginners to refer to right from the start while developing a survey to sending it out.
  • With every survey you send through mails, you can add a personalized message to the customer.
  • Attractive surveys encourage your customers to fill out the feedback forms as well.

5. QuestionPro — Efficient Online Survey Tools

Questionpro Best Online Survey Tools & Apps to Look for in 2021
  • Multiple languages support provide you with an edge as you can approach more parts of the population.
  • Experts are ready to chat with you any time of the day about your survey troubles.
  • Calculate your Net Promoter score as well with analytical tools in this online builder.
  • Professionally used rating scales like the Likert scale are available for all versions.

6. Survey Monkey — Well Known Online Survey Tools

Survey Monkey
  • There are 15 types of questions to apply in the question like A/B comparison, text box, multiple-choice and more.
  • Survey Monkey Audience helps you find out the people who match the criteria you choose.
  • Create short but meaningful surveys of 5 minutes to avoid losing respondents midway.
  • Keep your data safe while collaborating with remote teams.

7. Free online surveys

  • The AI of this software can interpret your questions and can suggest different question types depending on that.
  • Integrates with slack so that you can work together with members on management and surveying.
  • Share your findings with other people in your firm or stakeholders.
  • You can also evaluate your employees with IQ quizzes or efficiency tests.

8. Google forms

Google Forms
  • Let’s you put brief descriptions explaining the topic and purpose of the survey.
  • You can collect their data like mail id, educational qualification, age, and gender.
  • Provide scores as soon as respondents finish with the quiz or survey.
  • At the end of the survey, you can also show respondents who are the answers that were wrong along with their correct answers.

9. Typeform

  • New and improved interface and user dashboard to ease out editing survey activities.
  • You can represent data with a table, or also like how messages are displayed in the inbox.
  • Ask questions that sound like a conversation rather than a survey.

10. Pulse Insights

  • Build questions that the respondents can quickly grasp. It gets you more responses.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to get data analysis in an instant.
  • Creating online surveys with custom designs and backgrounds is easy with Pulse insights.

11. Sogosurvey

  • Apart from feedback survey templates, there are surveys to analyze mental wellbeing as well.
  • Users have vouched for it to be a pretty efficient survey tool. You can trust this software to deliver the best for you.
  • Distribute creative surveys via any platform like social media or text messages.
  • Improve your Net Promoter scores to benefit your company image.

12. Qualaroo — Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Qualaroo Best Online Survey Tools 2021

13. ProProfs Survey Maker

Proprofs Survey Maker Best Online Survey Tools 2021
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Responses
  • Survey Scoring and Advanced Logic
  • Professionally made templates
  • Custom logo and branding
  • Presentation ready reports
  • Advanced analytics

14. JotForm — Intuitive Online Survey Tool

Jotform Best Online Survey Tools 2021

15. Kwik Surveys

Kwiksurveys Best Online Survey Tools 2021

Social media

  • Instagram has a unique polling method where viewers can vote on the story itself. You can also collect opinions on open-end questions through replies to the story.
  • Twitter provides polling and voting options in tweets itself. Twitter hashtags are also how many people count votes.
  • Other mediums like Facebook can also be used to collect feedback and organize voting events.



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