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We are all well aware of the level of proliferation-related to social media, as well as the millions of users who source their actions exactly from looking at such platforms. But, while ads did work marvelously when they were first introduced as part of social media, people seem to be avoiding them with ad blocking tools. That being said, brands and marketers need a new way to reach out to the target audience, which is where influencers come to help.

The new generations seem to help this matter even further. High-quality content remains very important today, but with millennials and Gen Z, the traditional marketing ways to attract buyers is no longer based on content only. It is highly influenced by what other people say about the product since they won’t rush into making a decision just based on content.

They will, however, trust the celebrities and influencers of social media. It is only natural — when you hear an idol or a person you consider trustworthy saying that a product is an excellent choice, this will at least slightly point you to that direction.

That is exactly what influencer marketing is all about. Now, if you want to step into the marketing place and actually attract your target audience, we present you with the 15 best influencer marketing platforms for 2018.


Famebit was first recognized as a YouTube agency for influencers. At the time, their only focus was on the YouTube platform, but based on the success, they have moved forward and captured other networks, too.

Right now, Famebit enjoys a reach of almost two billion people, 1.9 billion to be precise. Over seven thousand brands use it as the agency for influencer marketing strategies by now, making it the top choice for this year.

Their pricing is simple and includes 10% service fees, while sign up is completely free.


The second marketing agency in our list is Buzstream. Choosing this agency will give you systematic links of influencers according to strength and priority, as well as contact information details and data on their outreach. To see its powers, you can try out the trial period. When this is done, you can choose between their three plans.


With three paid pricing types, Revfluence offers many different things. It is a self-service influencer marketing platform that helps everyone, mostly small companies and businesses. Revfluence does this by analyzing influencers based on type of traffic, demographics, audience, and content.

‘’By targeting the audience they need to actually reach; it helps to find the influencers to take marketers to their goal. Their interface is simple and comprehensive, but that doesn’t mean that the algorithm is simple — it does wonders with matching content creators and brands’’ — says Vito Hugh, an EssayOnTime writing expert.


For all those who haven’t been in the business for a long time and find it hard to spend solid amounts of money on influencer marketing agencies, we have good news. Heepsy has a free option which allows users to check out users and search by using keywords.

This option is good, but the paid one is most certainly batter. You can create filters and get more focused results, such as finding influencers in a specific city. The first plan starts at only $29 monthly.

#5. has attracted marketers from all around the world, offering great support in establishing and strengthening a brand’s reputation. To be able to find the right people to share your content and promote your brand, you can use this agency to tap into the outreach data and skills of some of the top influencers in your industry.


Julius has more than 50 filters to aid your search for influencers, making this extremely easy even for inexperienced marketers. This agency curates data points for over a million influencers, which is why they come at the top list of such agencies for 2018.

#7. is the place you go to if you want to find influencers, talent managers, brands, and agencies. They have over 1240 influencers at this point, and a reach of followers that exceeds around 140 million. As you can assume, this makes Hypetap one of the greatest funnels that help content creators and brands to join together into making a great campaign.


Scrunch is a powerful agency that aids brands in the goal of finding the perfect influencers. It does so by using filters on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also allows its users to create lists and bookmarks for better organization.

For small companies, there are some free plans. The paid pro plan starts at $99 monthly and grows up to $299 monthly for the power plan.


If you are unsure whether or not an agency can help you, has a free starting option with a limited number of features. The advanced, paid options are excellent at connecting brands with influencers, and they do so by using an algorithm that tracks data and indexes through your web platform.

This particular strategy aided NeoReach in finding over three million influencers for both small and medium companies.


Traackr is another paid influencer marketing tool that focuses on aiding brands in the process of earing influence and brand promotion. It does so by analyzing a large network of influencers. Moreover, Traackr builds trust between viewers and influencers by allowing mutual brand engagement.


Brands can use Open Influence to track an investment return from an influencer by using advanced proprietary technology tools. The agency selects influencers that are part of the Open Influence marketing platform.


Tapinfluence has a search function that lets users seek influencers according to both demographics and interests. What kind of interests? Well, you can use it to find out about the performance of an influencer and the data history related to it, as well as approximated cost per engagement.


Influencer is a UK-based marketing agency, and a very popular one for that matter. This agency’s goal is to produce quality over quantity. That being said, they don’t just help you add influencers and content into your marketing strategy. They evaluate influencers and their writing, engagement metrics, as well as number of followers as factors to be taken into consideration when making this important choice. For that purpose, it has advanced analytics system that tracks the campaigns of different influencers.


Brand marketers are easily and rapidly connected to influencers on the platform of Hollyfy. This is one of the few agencies that use predictive analytics and machine learning, as well as algorithmic matches to make new opportunities for brand entertainment and new media.

This is also a paid platform, but there is a free trial period you can use first.


And finally, the last agency in our list of top 10 influencer marketing agencies on the Web is UpFluence. You will find two products here: Reachr and Publishr. Both these platforms have the goal to aid you in finding influencers. The first helps you search for them, while the second one helps you go beyond the traditional strategies to promote your brand.


Have you made your decision yet? Any of this list of top agencies will help you find influencers you couldn’t find on your own, thanks to their reputation and analytics software that tracks everything that is needed to make the right choice.

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