Best E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Secrets Featured Image

1. Study user behavior

2. Simplify your website

3. Use high-quality product images

4. Shun extra fees

5. Instill a sense of security

6. Have varied payment options

7. Create a smooth check out process

8. Maximize speed

9. Email retargeting

10. Trace and deal with the reason for abandonment

11. Link value with urgency

  • Stock scarcity (only three pieces left)
  • Limited time offer
  • Time-bound shipping (buy before 2 pm and qualify for free shipping)
  • Size scarcity (only three left in small size)

12. Provide social proof

  • Text, image or video testimonials from buyers
  • Online reviews and ratings
  • Numbers and statistics (5,000 people bought this product last month)

13. Highlight returns vs refunds

Bottom line



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