Define the business problem you are trying to solve, and for whom

Chatbots can provide a depth of knowledge to users and customers. But first, it is essential to know who exactly your customers and users are, and what is it you want them to know?

Gather your resources

If you have the coding/programming skills (or have someone in your office with those skills), you can build your own chatbot from scratch. However, there’s no need for coding expertise anymore to build an effective chatbot.

Explore Your Knowledge Base

In QnA Maker, you can import the existing FAQ text that you’ve created and used it as a base for your bot. Once integrated into the QnA maker, your new knowledge base will show up as a two-column question and answer table. It should also start with a simple greeting of “Hi” with the response “Hello” to get your chat started.

Test and Publish

Once you’re happy with the way the questions and answers are presented, you can click “Test” to start interacting with your chatbot. The interface is quite intuitive and allows you to continue to make edits to questions and answers as you go.

Create an Informational Bot with Azure

The bot can’t provide help until it can communicate with others. Navigate to your Azure dashboard (or, if you didn’t already set up your account as a pre-step, do it now.) Click Create a Resource and start on your bot service activation. Enter the Bot Service details such as a unique bot name, subscription type, resource group, template, and so on.

Connect your bot to Channels with Microsoft Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework allows you to connect your chatbot to interact on other Microsoft platforms such as Office 365, Skype, Slack, and more.

Embed your bot into your website

While it’s certainly helpful to have your bot now integrated into Microsoft platforms, what is really beneficial is to have your bot live on your own website’s Q&A or FAQ page to directly interact with users who are seeking information.



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