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Technology and its many forms have become the core of business success no matter the industry or the size of the company in question. We use our many tech-based devices to build entire corporations, while we use social media, websites, and a range of apps to communicate both with one another and with our customers. This multi-layered communication based on versatile and innovative technology enables increased productivity and better relationships all around.

However, some companies resist introducing new technologies out of fear that the resources needed to adapt to these new solutions would outweigh the benefits they would bring. Fortunately or not, no professional entity can afford to stagnate when new tech solutions show up and change the game. You either evolve or you get left behind.

When it comes to VoIP (voice over internet protocol abbreviated), some businesses are reluctant to take the leap, believing that most, if not all of their interactions are conducted via channels like social media. Here are a few promised benefits of VoIP that you cannot miss out on, and that will likely help you make the transition and introduce this tech to your own operations.

Balancing your budget

Perhaps the main advantage that so many business owners look forward to with VoIP is the price tag compared to the available features. When you consider that you’d be using a single communications system with multiple touchpoints (emailing, texting, calling, faxing, video conferencing, etc.), you know that you’re about to single-handedly avoid covering multiple subscription fees for a slew of different providers.

Add to that, the long-term cost reductions come from the sheer ability to communicate within that flat fee you pay for every month, without having to worry about additional phone bills.

Feature-rich systems at your disposal

When you think VoIP, you most likely limit yourself to phone systems. However, VoIP plans extend well beyond phone calls, and as you can see from the Nextiva VoIP system review, there are providers that offer a wide variety of features that come with that basic phone system plan. For example, these include unlimited calls, texting, and emails for your account, call recording, forwarding voicemails to email, and call analytics, among others.

Plus, most providers ensure that you can use your VoIP system for conference calls, which means you can use a single tool for so many different operations in your organization. It helps your business stay accessible on different levels, without introducing an overly-complex solution for your employees.

Did someone say remote access?

Remote is all the rage now, but VoIP is so much more than available at the office and at your employees’ homes. In fact, if your employees are registered to the same account and use their devices to call one another, one can be anywhere in the world and make a phone call free of charge.

Simply put, once things go back to normal and you start sending your employees to conferences, seminars, and international events of all sorts, they can still communicate with you while avoiding large phone bills and roaming fees.

Improved scalability

Growth is both a blessing and a curse, as any leader will know. Growth means more profits, yes, but it also means more customers to tend to, more employees to manage, and more training and education for all those involved. For traditional phone systems, that also means that you’d have to purchase more hardware, cover the extensive costs of installation and maintenance, and the like.

With VoIP at your disposal, you can scale your communications with much greater ease. After all, it’s all on the cloud, and any device can behave like a phone: all you need is a good pair of headphones and a solid microphone, and even your PC can allow a clear phone call.

Better customer service across the board

It all begins with understanding your target demographic and knowing how to approach your customers effectively. However, once you have that knowledge, you need to find creative, versatile ways to put all of that useful data to work. In this day and age, customers want any brand to be available and consistent, and a solid VoIP system enables just that: the consolidation of all of your customer interactions.

Without the chaos of landline-based customer support teams, you can use a network-based system that lets your agents be available at all times, through a multitude of devices, remotely or at the office. Also, the call quality you get with VoIP is far greater than that of your traditional landline systems, letting you provide a superb customer experience every time your customers call.

Simplified and streamlined communication

Your customers aren’t the only ones to benefit from being able to reach you anywhere, anytime. Ever since the pandemic took center stage, companies have had to regroup and spend most of their employee’s home, which has drastically affected their productivity and collaboration.

A network-based system helps reduce the stress of everyday interactions by keeping all of your communication on a single, cloud platform, safely stored, and easy to access with solid internet access. Your employees can continue to communicate easily with each other, but they can also effectively do their jobs by assisting your customers from the comfort of their homes.

Access to analytics and reporting

Any decent VoIP-based communication system is not just rich in a variety of features, but also flexible enough for different integrations with your existing tools. That said, setting up your VoIP to collect data on all of your interactions can help you revamp and improve all of your internal processes. You can analyze your conference calls to spot if you’re wasting time on unproductive topics and if you could enhance your agenda to make those meetings more purposeful.

Then again, you can record and analyze customer messages and conversations to check if there are recurring issues and concerns, to address them sooner rather than later. Your analytics tools can also help you understand peak times of phone calls, emails, and other customer interactions so that you can distribute your agents accordingly.

Chances are that you’re already using a wide array of tech tools and software solutions, from project management platforms to automated chatbots on your site to grow your business. The need to switch to an efficient system such as VoIP is becoming more of a necessity and less of an option, especially considering the current circumstances and the growing need for more companies to switch to a remote model. Understanding all other perks of VoIP can help you manage your expectations and make the most of this technology to your advantage once you make the switch.

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