6 Step By Step Guide to Conduct Usability Testing for Website Featured Image

What is Usability Testing?

Benefits of conducting Usability Experiment for Website

  • It identifies the moment of disconnect between the website and the user. For example, we can track at which point of the sales/conversion funnel the website visitor is dropping off.
  • Before the website goes live, your design and development team may use usability testing to uncover problems and feature upgrades. It might spare you from making some costly mistakes!
  • Interacting with a representative group of individuals can assist you in validating your concept and product. You can tell if your website is working correctly by watching how people interact.
  • You may use usability testing for website to determine how pleased your potential consumers are with your website or product, how easy the site is to browse, and whether there is room for improvement before making it live.
  • If you want to provide your consumers a flawless & wonderful experience on your website, who is better than genuine people who can tell you about their experience?

Steps to conduct Usability Testing for Website

1. Plan your Session/Test:

Guide User Testing

2. Identify the Best Method

3. Recruit the participants

4. Conduct the Test

Conducting Usability Testing For Website

5. Analyze and present the final data:

6. Rinse and Repeat:




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