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Hey Siri,

Anything new in town?

Omg! How can I miss getting my hands on the latest apparel?

Sigh! She woke up at last. It was just a dream, but yeah “FOMO hit her really bad.”

Understand the real catch here. Marketers use this FOMO to get to your brain cells. Talk about social media, Millennial and Gen Z are found having fun here 24×7

We use social media to stay connected with our friends or family. Similarly, brands use it to increase brand visibility and sales; there is no denying that social media is a powerful game-changer.

While some businesses are lucky enough to instantly hit it off with their target audience on social media, for others, it can take a long time.

However, the great thing about social media marketing is the fact that with the right strategies and the best approach, along with putting in a lot of effort, you can attract success on a consistent basis.

If you are amongst the thousands of other businesses that are looking to implement the best social media tactics, to generate leads, increase your reach, and make more profits, you’ve landed on the right post!

6 top tips you must use to increase your sales and brand visibility

#1. Become customer-centric on your social media

People see a ton of information and advertisements on their social media every day. And there is no question a lot of them have become bored and tired of watching the same old one-way marketing and ad campaigns.

They don’t want to look at ads that are just focused on selling them something. This is where personalized ad marketing comes into play.

Personalized marketing focuses specifically on consumer behavior patterns, their search and browsing habits, and their lifestyle choices.

Marketing that resonates and relates with your target audience will compel your prospects to stop mid-scroll. They will want to check your company out. Why? Well, because it is going to be relevant to them.

Personalized content also develops a long-lasting rapport with your users. This is especially true if the content you post is casual, relevant, and no obscene words.

For example, addressing your users as “you” and “your” instead of using “they” or “them.”

Sephora is a great example of personalized marketing. The beauty retailer generates a poll that helps them identify which of their products are more in demand amongst all their followers.

This increases business-consumer engagement, and Sephora is able to find out which product to accurately market each day while keeping other products on the back shelf.

#2. Identify a good theme and stick to it

You must organize your social media pages and post content properly. Don’t forget to use branded visual elements in your content strategy.

The content you generate must always follow a consistent pattern through all every social media platform you use.

This, of course, also depends on the present marketing campaign. You can also use social media scheduling tools to post new content on time and ensure everything follows the same theme you defined.

Staying consistent is going to be effective in the sense that your prospects will never mistake you for a different brand.

#3. Use the power of user-generated content to increase your social proof

There is nothing more powerful for your marketing campaign than social proof. It is a magnificent strategy if you know how to use it. Social proof is widely regarded as customer feedback and reviews.

However, another popular type of social proof is user-generated content (UGC). The best way of using UGC is to look and share the original content posted by your customers on your social media platforms.

For example, you can re-post a customer’s post or feedback while appreciating their business on your social media. You can also share the image of a customer who took a photo of your product.

User-generated content can act as testimony or social proof that people trust your brand and are recommending it to others.

#4. Increase customer engagement by involving your audience

If you want to maximize your customer engagement, there is no place better than your social media platforms. Apart from responding and conversing with your target audience directly, you can also organize several activities, for example, live question and answer sessions, video streams, etc.

Bear in mind that nothing is more important than being responsive to your customer’s queries, questions, messages, and feedback on your social media.

Don’t just automate everything, your fans and followers want to interact with a human. And by engaging with them in a personalized fashion, you consistently involve them in your business, making them feel as if they are a part of your organization too.

#5. Vary your content

Social networking sites are generally filled with thousands of status updates as well as numerous other types of content. This is true because when you think about it, every individual you connect with also follows numerous other brands and pages.

So what you need to do is try and stand out from the rest. And the best way you can do that consistently adds a bit of diversity throughout your content marketing.

Take Tarte, for example; it is a reputed makeup brand that uses Twitter to market cruelty-free products. They combine various text-based mediums as well as multimedia content to promote products and brands that relate to their users and resonate with individual lifestyle choices.

So make sure that you consistently update your social media with text-based content as well as photos and videos to help increase your reach and boost your sales online.

#6. Provide authentic information on your social media profiles

Just as first impressions are important when you go for a job interview, it is significantly more important on social media platforms. The last thing you need to is people to think that you are a fake brand. You see, whenever you update a status or post new content on your social media, your prospects are going to click on your profile to see what you are about.

It is extremely important that you accurately and truthfully describe what your brand is about. Moreover, never forget to post actionable information about your brand to make things convenient for your customers.

People need to see and believe that you are an authority in your niche or industry.

Bottom line

Sure, you’re thinking how daunting it can be to try and use all these tips to improve your brand visibility and garner more leads. But you don’t have to use all of them at once. It is essential to take things slow and strategize on elements that you see working in favor of your campaign.

Your goal is to increase your sales, so you already have a focused objective. The only thing you need to do is plan a great strategy for your brand, and the right people will come flocking to you!

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Ruhani Rabin being a tech and product evangelist for almost 20 years. He was VP, CPO for various digital companies. Plays with Drones in his free time.

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Ruhani Rabin

Ruhani Rabin being a tech and product evangelist for almost 20 years. He was VP, CPO for various digital companies. Plays with Drones in his free time.