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The COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak occurred in December 2019. Ever since then, the world is in a panic as countries around the globe are trying their best to contain the virus. Due to the introduction of social distancing and temporary or permanent lockdowns around the world, the world has slowed down.

People are not allowed to go out, and even the countries improving are still practicing conscious efforts to stay safe. Due to the outbreak of such an unprecedented situation, the world economy has suffered and is continuing to suffer.

There is no hope for things to get better anytime soon, and business experts and analysts are working towards coping solutions for businesses around the globe. Around 33 million citizens of the US have been unemployed since the outbreak.

Various companies are exploring options to adjust and alter their services according to the fast-changing circumstances and adopting towards the new normal. Thankfully we live in an era of internet where it isn’t impossible to survive under lockdowns and situations like a pandemic.

Most businesses are trying to sustain through digital platforms, and several businesses are trying to seek this time as an opportunity to digitalize the services. Work from home is becoming the new normal, hence collaborative tools such as Skype and Zoom have been in the limelight in the past few months.

If you are looking for business ideas worth investing in during the global pandemic, following are a few options:

1. Logistics Services

Freight-forwarding and logistics come under those few options which continued to serve even in tough situations like coronavirus. Although the protocols were altered a bit, however, since people are unable to travel, pick-up, or deliver things, people are highly dependent upon logistics services for that matter.

At the beginning of the pandemic, people started panic buying. Even then, the logistics and freight-forwarding services were overburdened and much in demand. As a business option, it is a wise idea to consider to invest in a freight-forwarding or delivery services for essential items like food and other daily use commodities.

2. Online Grocers

In the past few months, grocers were among the few services that were allowed even in strict lockdown situations. No one wants to risk their lives, but buying essential food items and daily use products is a human necessity.

People are trying to stay cautious and are availing as much of online services as possible. No cash-based transactions are encouraged anywhere due to health prevention protocols. Hence investing in an online grocery app/ website at this time is a wise choice.

You can establish a system where people can order all things online from the nearest market and get it delivered to their doorstep; this way, no one has to risk their lives, and you get to build a business based on current demand.

3. Web/ App / Software Development

Provided you have access to good resources, now is the perfect time to provide digital services to businesses around the globe. After the outbreak, the world has realized the importance of digitalization and online setups and how important it is to have their digital setups.

Although most of the services are available online, there is still a huge gap, and people are now looking for more ideas in terms of apps and website experiences. Carpet cleaning Windsor reported getting a lot of queries regarding curbside deliveries and safe cleaning services on their websites ever since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Providing services to people who want management systems, websites, and apps can be a business idea worth investing in. You can avail the following options:

  • Freelance web-developers can be hired
  • A software company with complete web solutions
  • Software systems for online inventory management
  • Management and health systems for hospitals

4. Health and Medicine Services

Investing in a business related to health and medicine is by no surprise a good idea. Medical support is the most in-demand service right now, and there is a gap in online platforms to fulfill the current need.

You can invest in digital platforms for doctors or health care professionals to offer their services through the internet. Informative apps to track health and monitor using the latest technologies is an idea worth exploring. You can innovate the ideas according to your resources, geo-location, and current need.

However, healthcare and medical service is a good idea to provide services. Health and medical services may include:

  • Online app for consultancy
  • In-house testing/ sample collection
  • Medicine delivery services
  • On-demand nurse/caretaker services

5. Online Schools and Learning Platforms

Ever since the outbreak of this virus, schools around the globe have been closed. Although multiple schools have started online schooling yet, it will take time to develop a proper channel for the ease of both teachers as well as the students.

Provide online learning platforms, linking teachers to students, providing platforms for document sharing and monitoring systems is an essential need in the current situation.

If you have access to resources that are experts in online education, then you can provide services to fill the gap.

Investing in a service or a business that provides a learning platform can help you succeed under the current situation. The topics, grades, courses can further be explored based on your resources and availability.

6. Fitness Consultancy and Services

Gyms around the world, like other things, have been closed and are nowhere close to opening again. Even if they start opening up, it will be of a very low priority to visit gyms under such a situation where a contaminated virus is likely to spread through any contact.

This allows business owners to start providing online consultancy or e-classes, lectures, and video tutorials online so that people can still stay fit without coming to the gym. The online fitness consultancy services may include:

  • Online coaching and training
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Customized meal plans
  • In-house pieces of training
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group classes of Zumba or aerobics
  • Motivational tasks
  • Athletic training


The coronavirus outbreak may seem like the end of the world; but, it is not. There is still hope for things to go back to normal, the new normal may or may not be the same, but life moves on. You, as a business owner, have to seek opportunities even in tougher situations because situations like these teach us the most important lessons. The above mentioned 6 ideas are the ones that are highly in-demand and seems like this demand will keep on increasing with time as people are now more careful of their health than ever before.

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