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Digital advertising is expected to grow to approximately Rs. 19,000 crores in India by 2020, and it’s only going to accelerate the career opportunities in digital marketing. According to a report generated by Hootsuite, there are close to 3.028 billion active social media users in the world. Given the proliferating number of people who are on digital media, and also the amount of time each one of us spends on this medium, organization want to invest time and money on reaching out to their consumers on social media. This, in turn, has increased the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals.

To excel in this fast-growing industry, completing a certified digital marketing course will not only help you grasp the industry terminology but can potentially land you a position in a firm. Here’s the list of the top five skills that you’ll need to have a prosperous career in digital marketing.

Analytics and Data-Driven Metrics

It is imperative for any digital marketer to know whether his or her attempts are turning into positive results. Only then can they optimize the marketing strategies more effectively. As a thumb rule, you must examine your campaigns, record the results, and interpret them to master the deadfalls in your marketing scheme. From investigating pricing strategies to analyzing marketing return on investment (ROI), analytics is helpful as it renders invaluable insights into your marketing outcomes. Companies also prefer this skill because they understand they are working with someone who knows devising, execution, and monitoring. An excellent illustration of this comes from the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics, Neil Patel. He recently posted on his blog how a simple adjustment of the headline copy boosted his conversion by 40%.

Social Media Expertise

Your work as a digital marketer is half-done without social media awareness as these platforms are becoming the favorite hubs for marketing both services and products. Many organizations face difficulties while attempting to market themselves over social media platforms, as every platform runs on different systems and principles. An excellent social media presence can provide your company with an influential social status, as social platforms enable brands to put forth a personal identity of themselves and you have a significant role in designing and advertising that image. Thus, as a digital marketer, having social media expertise can make you a valuable asset to the company you’re working for.

Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO practices are always changing and becoming more refined as time progresses. Several brands are starting to realize the significance of White Hat SEO Marketing techniques like content marketing and guest blogging. Organic search results are as vital as ever, and organic traffic showcases a positive representation of your brand. Based on a report by BrightEdge, 51% of total website traffic originates from organic search, 10% from paid search, 5% for social media, and 34% from all other sources. Thus, SEO skills are indispensable to a profession in digital marketing. Moreover, even if your plan doesn’t involve turning into a full-fledged SEO expert, studying some basic SEO skills will be fruitful for the future.

Practice Email Marketing

Email marketing is sometimes undervalued as a marketing tool, but it can actually be a potent marketing weapon if you understand how to optimize it. It may be of interest to know that e-commerce consumers who get recurring abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the shopping than those who get only one follow-up email.

As a digital marketer, you must observe the whole process, from drafting an email to programming it, and interpret the email metrics. This takes a fair level of expertise, and acquiring this skill can get you excellent returns with minimal effort as it can reduce the demand to work strenuously to get more customers. Email marketing has some significant trade-offs when it proceeds to nurture relationships with clients. While social media is a prominent method to target your audience, email forms a personal relationship for brand-consumer interaction. If you want to overcome the gap between an organization and its customers, adding this skill to your resume can assist you to excel in digital marketing.

Learn the Way Mobile Marketing Operates

Almost 30% of all online shopping in 2016 was made on a mobile device. Hence, lacking an efficient mobile active website can hinder your brand’s marketing objectives. This transformation towards mobile marketing has taken many digital marketers by storm, so it is a critical opportunity to capitalize on this skill. It is more necessary than ever to devise marketing campaigns including a mobile mindset because consumer behavior and response can change over the various mediums. A skilled digital marketer will recognize the shift and work on presenting the best customer experiences.

Interestingly, digital marketing doesn’t require too many prerequisite skills or even prerequisite education qualifications. The biggest requirement for anyone who wants to make a mark in digital marketing is your enthusiasm for this media. Since digital marketing covers various aspects like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc., depending on the profile of a digital marketer, he/she can spend their time in different activities.

For instance, if you’re a digital marketer working on Facebook marketing for your organization, then you’ll be spending your time running Facebook ad campaigns. Similarly, if you’re working on SEO, you’ll be focused on creating great content which can be shared by others so that your website can rank on top of the relevant keywords. Thus, digital marketing is a dynamic domain with endless opportunities. Grasp the points mentioned above if you want to stand out in this thriving industry and have a successful digital marketing career.

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