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While collaborating with a team, maintaining the workflow of your projects like crafting campaigns, blog posts, and graphical stuff is important.


HelloBar is a simple yet powerful service that let you deliver messages to your audience, boost lead generation, and enhance conversion rate. Besides that, it enables you to make announcements, offer exclusive discounts, and highlight custom content through floating bars. The fact is affiliate marketers, bloggers, and brands can utilize this free tool to get unlimited advantages. A/B testing between different bars can also be performed for better conversions.


Believe it or not, email marketing is the backbone of making quick money, but you should have a reliable tool to collect email addresses just like MailChimp. The best part is they allow maintaining up to 2000 subscribers and 12k outgoing emails per month. You can take benefits at the very starting phase of your business without spending a single penny. You can also do A/B test between different campaigns, monitoring click rates, open rates, and more.


Pingdom assists regarding web page loading speeds, in-depth analyzing and breakdowns the results into six different zones. With the help of Pingdom, you can optimize your website’s as well as landing page for optimal performance. It suggests which part of the site is taking too much time to render and how it can be fixed. There are 4 regions to choose for speed testing. It also supports uptime/downtime alerting, API integration, and page monitoring.


Finding profitable keywords not only crucial but also important for running a successful ad campaign. No doubt, there are dozens of tools to choose from, but KWFinder provides essential details for each search query. It fetches metrics such as DA, PA, links, Facebook shares, MR, MT, and KW competition. Apart from that, it also shows search trends and history of provided queries.


Leadpages is one of the best services to avail stunning and beautiful landing pages designed by experienced and expert developers. It offers a complete toolkit to enhance growth using which brands can increase sales/leads. You can either choose a premade template and customize it accordingly or create from scratches.

Thrive Architect

Leadpages is an expensive tool, right? So how one can create landing pages without spending too much? Well, Thrive Architect is the most user-friendly and convenient WordPress plugin to design stunning and modern looking pages either from a blank page or by selecting ready-made templates. You get dozens of free templates designed for collecting email addresses, leads, and sales pitches. Its drag and drop function enables non-techy marketers to build killer web pages with zero technical skills.

Ubersuggest — (Free Tool for Profitable Niche Finding)

Similar to KWFinder, Ubersuggest is another niche research tool, but it’s free. Novice marketers can utilize it to save money which can be invested in other tools. All it requires is type your keyword, pick category and language, and hit the “Look Up” button. In the next few seconds, you’ll be served with thousands of suggestions, LSI KWs, and related topics with monthly searches, trending chart, CPC, and competition. Furthermore, you can refine results by utilizing filters and negative words.


When running a content marketing blog to increase sales instead of relying on paid advertisements, it’s essential to keep an eye on competitor’s backlink profile. In fact, a strategic link building technique helps you rank higher in SERPs. Ahrefs and SemRush are quite similar, but for link analyzing, Ahrefs is way better. It consists of different modules including a rank tracker, keyword and content explorer, domain comparison, and website audit. You can also perform link intersect between different domains to find beneficial link prospects.


MOZ is another SEO tool for internet markets to check competitor’s domain authority, backlinks, organic traffic, spam score, and inbound links. They have a huge database of 4.8 trillion pages, 533 million root domains, and 25 trillion discovered links. Plus, their algorithm crawls data every day to provide quality results. You can also find your competition’s top organic pages and anchor texts.

Broken Link Checker

Maintaining backlink profile is not that easy, internet marketers can automate the process by utilizing online tools and premium services. BrokenLinkChecker is an award-winning free tool that works like a charm to discover dead and bad links. It highlights results in 404 error code (not found) alongside page URLs and source. You can automate the entire process with MonitorBacklinks.com by spending a few bucks per month.


Landing pages, ad copies, blog posts, and email campaigns should be grammatically error-free. Proofreading sucks when you have a lot of work to do and this is where “Grammarly” comes in the game. You can avail benefits right from the online editor or merely install browsers extension available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, etc. Beginner entrepreneurs can start with a free plan by sacrificing on advanced features.


Every single day, thousands of bloggers and content creators publish tons of posts. So how one can make their articles authentic and stand out in this crowded market? Well, Copyscape is known as the top choice to check uniqueness of your copy. Its “Copysentry” feature automatically scans and discover copied content, and alert you via email. You can also try Grammarly for the same purpose, though, CopyScape is way better.


SemRush is an all-in-one marketer as well SEO tool to analyze your competitors’ keywords and perform keyword research. It’s a combination of multiple features including backlink analyzing, domain analytics, topic research, and traffic overview of any website. Furthermore, rank tracker also available to monitor your SERP ranking in Google. You can even compare different domains to check backlink profiles, organic keywords, search positions, and much through an intuitive dashboard.


Handling multiple social media accounts and social marketing campaign is not only time consuming but boring too, at least for me. This is where Hootsuite rescues you and help to publish as well as scheduling social posts. Luckily, they offer a free plan for individuals which allows three social profiles. Even more, you are allowed to schedule up to 30 messages in advance. It can be integrated with more than 150 applications to take maximum out of it. Paid plans packed with advanced tracking, bulk job assigning, team management, and custom analytics reports.

Final Thoughts

Now, it’s your turn to determine which internet marketing tool mentioned above can help you improve productivity and make daily tasks easier. No doubt, there is a broad range of tools available for digital marketers, but you should choose wisely before investing money on any as it could save significantly on cost.



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