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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Think of it like this.

WordPress CRM Plugins

WordPress (WP) is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world. And a plugin is something that can expand what you can do on your WordPress site. You can explore many free WordPress CRM plugins.

#1. WordPress ERP

Wordpress Erp WordPress CRM plugins
  • Tracking B2B engagements
  • Simple to use interface
  • Group contacts to tag leads
  • Can record meetings to view later
  • Dashboard will prioritize leads

#2. HubSpot All-in-One Marketing

Hubspot All In One Marketing CRM
  • Provide in-depth analytics
  • Track activity on your website regarding form filling etc
  • Alerts for automated marketing and follow-up calls
  • Chatbots and live conversation applications
  • Tracking metrics so you can keep track of goals

#3. WP-CRM

Wp Crm
  • Comes with multiple language options other than English
  • One-click feature to quickly record customer information
  • Not hosted on developers site, so you have complete control over your data
  • Customer area add-ons so that you can create invoices and manage campaigns

#4. GroundHogg

  • No limit on the amount of CRM fields you can create
  • Can segment lists with tags
  • CSV import and export features
  • Can view activity and email history
  • Can sync users in the CRM with WordPress users
  • Control customer journey through the ‘funnel builder
  • Can connect over 30 WordPress plugins to the CRM
  • Two different email editors to choose from

#5. Upi CRM

Upi Crm
  • Reports and insight reports are easy to understand
  • You can access your customer lifecycle in your WordPress dashboard
  • Mobile interface is easy to use, and you can upload customer information

#6. JetPack CRM

Jetpack Crm - WordPress CRM plugins
  • Can manage payments and transactions through WordPress
  • A billing system that integrates with Paypal and Stripe
  • Can make quotes and customer proposals in WordPress

#7. CRM and Lead Management by vcita

Crm And Lead Management
  • Online calendar that lets you manage meetings and invite clients to set up appointments on your website
  • Professional invoices with your logo allow customers to pay online
  • Targeted email and SMS marketing features

#8. Contact Form 7- Capsule CRM

Contact Form 7 - Capsule CRM
  • Add address, city, zip code to person/organization
  • Connect opportunity to the case in the same form
  • Widget available to help you copy information from the form
  • Log any errors in an easily readable and understandable form

#9. Zoho CRM

Zoho Crm
  • Gives the option to disable fields
  • Will sync and gather new members from WordPress site directly to Zoho contacts
  • Detailed reporting dashboard that will track trends for your conversions
  • Manage your tasks with features like reminders and suggestions
  • Will alert sales time best time to contact leads for closing deals
  • No HTML involved when operating this CRM

#10. FluentCRM

FluentCRM for WordPress
  • Be prompted to create contacts by filling online forms
  • Will analyze contact information and show relevant data from other plugins like WooCommerce, EDd, LearnDash, etc
  • Track marketing emails
  • Create logs for notes, meetings, and calls
  • Create segmented contact lists, tags, and filters

#11. DX Sales

Dx Sales CRM
  • Can search for customer and company information quickly
  • Has to contact specialized fields like company, type of industry, size, etc
  • Track the number of sales weekly
  • Can be used directly from your smartphone and tablet

WordPress CRM Plugins To Consider This Year

Knowing which WordPress CRM plugins will work for you depends on what kind of business and requirements you have. If you need more support in email marketing, then FluentCRM is for you.



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