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10 Digital Marketing Tools That Will Help Boost Your Online Presence Featured Image

The digital marketing industry has changed. The increase in the number of people online has made their life complicated and even more requires them to be present all the time.

But digital marketing teams or businesses who manage their marketing department can’t work 24/7. After all, we have limitations.

Despite human limitations, we are also able to create tools to cope with it.

Now, digital marketing professionals are able to send out emails or post a campaign anytime. These tools available can do the job.

It doesn’t only help take the burden out of marketing professionals, but it also boosts marketing campaigns.

Here are ten of the best digital marketing tools you can use to raise awareness of your brand online.


The most commonly used tool for email marketing is MailChimp. It helps many digital marketing professionals and businesses on their email marketing strategy.

MailChimp has various excellent-looking layouts you can use to create your email campaign. Also, it allows the tracking of each email sent. It personalizes content based on your customers’ needs and automates the process of sending emails.

They offer a free plan that’s great for small businesses. But if you are ready to take your email marketing campaign to a new level, trying one of their paid plans will work.

Their premium plans start at $9.99 per month.


If you use social media as one of your digital marketing platforms to promote your brand, you need to try Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that will help in the scheduling of your posts. You can handle multiple social media accounts when you avail of one of their premium plans.

Aside from scheduling your social media posts, Hootsuite has other features too, such as:

  • Integration with other apps
  • Sharing of work for team collaboration
  • Analysis of data
  • Monitoring of your post’s performance and trending topics

They offer a free plan which allows users to include three social media accounts. Meanwhile, their paid plans have more features to offer, and its price starts at $19 per month.


Are you having trouble with creating a compelling landing page for your business? With the help of tools such as Leadpages, you can bring your business back to life.

Leadpages allows users to design their landing pages that will increase the click-through rate of their website or online shop. You can also test your content or design to skip the guessing game.

Leadpages has designs that can be optimized for other mobile devices. You can integrate some online marketing apps with it.

The lowest plan offered by Leadpages is $37 a month. But you can pay annually to get a discount of up to 39% off.


If you focus on building your website or online shop, you can use Google Analytics to check your website’s performance.

Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool that’s useful in determining the traffic that’s entering a website. It shows where the traffic originates, what people are doing on your page, and provides insightful funnel analysis.

Google Analytics is free for small businesses.


If you want to create aesthetically appealing images, banners, flyers, and a lot more, you can easily use Canva.

Canva is a web-based tool that allows anyone to create images they can use for their website, social media account, or online shop. Its simple features are easy to learn.

Canva is free, but they also offer paid plans that begin at $12.95 a month.


Managing your customer support department is vital for the growth of your business. But, it is also the most tedious department of all, especially if your business has various channels that promote your brand.

However, you can now handle all your customers’ inquiries or issues, by allocating all of your channels in one place.

Zendesk makes communication with customers easy as it brings together emails, text, and comments in a single dashboard.

With excellent customer support, you can now turn conversations into paying customers.

Zendesk offers three plans. Their lowest tier begins at $5 per agent/ month.


Productivity leads to an increase in sales, and ultimately to the success of a business. If you want you and your team to become more productive, you can use tools that can do some of the simple tasks. These tools will help lessen the workload of your team members, and allow them to focus most of their time on what the business needs.

LiveChat is a tool that can cut down the workload of your team members, particularly in customer service. This tool can work with simple commands to assist customers in their shopping inquiries and promote sales of your products.

Features of LiveChat:

  • File sharing
  • Chat transfer to a human agent. It’s for complex inquiries that the chatbot cannot handle.
  • Personalization of messages
  • Analyzes data: You can check how your team members are doing, how the conversation between your company and the customer is doing, and the activities of your customers.
  • It secures all data, gets rid of spam chats, and log in using Google accounts and with its two-step authentication.

For small businesses, LiveChat has a monthly package of $19 per agent. You can also subscribe yearly to pay less.


Moz is one of the leading tools used in SEO marketing. Digital marketing professionals and businesses opt for Moz because of its excellent features.

Moz has two plans, Moz Pro and Moz Local. The Moz Pro is used for traditional SEO, while Moz local focuses on local SEO for businesses.

Moz’s features you might want to experience:

  • Checks websites to determine any problem in the SEO.
  • Tracks traffic-driving keywords
  • It assists in link building strategies for websites
  • Competitors analysis
  • Category keywords for content strategy
  • Mobile ranking

Moz offers a 30-day free trial. But if you’re ready to bring your business to a whole new level, you can start with their Standard plan at $99 a month.


Do you want to know what your competitors are doing? SpyFu is a tool designed to track the activities of their business. You can enter your competitor’s domain name, and it will give you all the information you need, such as the keywords they use for their organic and paid traffic, their ranking, and other things you need to know about their business.

However, SpyFu is more than spying on competitors. It is also used for boosting your business’s website. It helps in ad campaigns and SEO, it monitors how your keywords are doing, and finds keywords that will increase your website’s visibility.

Their basic plan starts at $39 a month.


Influencer marketing will be one of the biggest markets in digital marketing for years to come. In fact, 2/3 of marketers will increase their budget for influencer marketing this year. One of the most saught after digital marketing tools.

This market became mainstream as people often take time to listen to reviews from influencers. Most of their purchasing decisions come from influencers. Therefore, brands should include this in their marketing plans.

If you want to find the right influencer to collaborate with, BuzzStream can find the perfect match for you.

It researches influencers under your niche and gathers their contact information and social media accounts. It also tracks conversations you have with influencers and reminds you to follow-up. It also plays a role in link building.

BuzzStream doesn’t offer a free plan. Their paid plan starts at $24 per user/ month.

Other tools you can use to build your business’s online presence:

SEMRush: An all-in-one marketing tool that assists in the SEO strategy, competitors’ analysis, and content research.

Unbounce: It’s a tool you can use to create landing pages that can increase your sales.

Facebook Live: Last year, Facebook Live had accumulated 2 billion viewers. Therefore, this makes Facebook Live an excellent tool to reach more customers for your brand.

HubSpot: An inbound marketing tool that allows businesses to grow their traffic, increase their profit, turn leads to customers, and CRM.

Now that you’ve seen these digital marketing tools, it’s time to get your hands on one of them. Digital marketing tools can assist you in building your online presence, grow your business, and earn more profits.

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