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When content marketing has become the pillar of digital marketing, you cannot think a single step without it if you are a marketer. Being a marketer, you need to know the core of contents and how it should be developed and executed. Content Marketing is something that helps in SEO optimization of a business, generate leads and boosts sales. In short, it is the key to business in the digital platform without which your business cannot boom at all.

So, if you are a marketer and content marketing is something you need to deal with every day, there are also certain marketing metrics that you should be aware of and also measure to know how it works. If you implement such a measuring task in your everyday marketing schedule, it will be really easier for you to understand the flaws and backlogs of the marketing process. Along with that, you can also work on those drawbacks to make sure it does not affect your business at all.

You need to know that content marketing metrics play a key role in the campaigning of the marketing strategies. This is the most essential thing that helps in generating leads and traffics in the website. So, here are some of the metrics that would help you to measure the marketing outcomes.

Content Quality

This exactly not a typical metrics for measuring the traffic generation, but always remember that you need to check the quality of the content before it is posted or promoted in any platform. Along with the spelling and grammar check of the write up with proper ‘editing and proofreading’ services; you also need to check the content in proper ‘plagiarism checker’ tool. Make sure that every single text in the same is original.

If the quality of your content is high, then you do not have to think about the traffic generation at all. Therefore, it is very much important for you to make sure that the quality of the content is not hampered in any way.


Daniel Kubrick from ‘’ says that ‘without keeping a track of your marketing efforts, you can never figure out what else you need to do’. Thus, to figure out more about the next step, demographics are the best option in content marketing metrics. When you choose the target audience for your product or service, you know who your potential customers are.

So, when you choose demographics, you can measure whether your target audience is visiting your website. This will also keep it sure that your content is reaching the target audience for sure.

Bounce Rate

This is a negative thing that marketers need to face. Maria Christine from ‘ mentioned that ‘if you see that you have an increased bounce rate on your website; you need to change your content’. Therefore, this is indeed a very important thing to measure. A bounce rate means the percentage of visitors who come to your website but leave immediately without doing anything at all. These can be your target customers but have no contribution to your business growth or sales.

If you see that your bounce rate has increased then you need to check with your content and then you can use RankBrain to track the same. It is a new algorithm invented by Google to improve the search intent. For that, you need to improve the keyword search, content and other features of your website. If the bounce rate of your website gets high, RankBrain may categorize it as irrelevant that doesn’t match the search intent criteria. So, measure the same each day and try to improve if you are lagging behind in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

Unique Visitors

You need to know how your website is gaining valuable traffics. Therefore, it is very much important for you to measure who are the visitors to your website. If you see that there are unique visitors who are not your target audience, you have to find out why they are visiting your website. You can then well understand how your contents are bringing new customers to your website and how your old customers are happy.

Thus, you need to use these metrics to find out the balance between customer retention and user growth.

Pageviews Per Visitor

This is a metric by which a marketer can measure the total number of pages viewed by the visitor. This can help them to understand which page has more visitors. If you see that your service page has more visitors, then you will get to know that your services are attracting customers.

With the help of this metrics, you will also get to know the right value of the customers and also how you can improve your website to ensure more Pageviews per visitor.

The rate of returning visitors

This is a very useful metrics which is a must in your list. With the rate of returning visitors of (RVR), you will get to know the number of the repeated customer on your website. This RVR metrics has the ability to reveal how effective your content marketing strategies are.

This metric can also show you how your interaction and feedback to the audience is working with your content strategy. If you can increase the rate of your returning visitors, you are likely to get more customers, this is because, and they would become the referral traffic who will also refer your products or service.

Session Duration

This is well defined by the name. This metrics in content marketing helps you to know to understand and figure out the time that customers are spending on the particular page. This metrics can give you the best insight about what your customers are interested on. You can also get an idea of how they understand the content and whether getting compelled with it.

But, you should also keep in mind that this metrics will not let you know whether your customers are active enough or totally engaged with the content or not. So, you need to engage in installing various tools in your metrics with which you can figure out the scrolls, keyboard use and also the mouse management of the customers. This can help you to understand people’s engagement from the core.

Social Following Growth

When you are in content marketing, you cannot avoid social media at all. These are influential tools and can bring a lot of traffic to your website. Social Media is the best place to promote business and increase sales. Most of your target audience are there and thus you also have to be very much active with your content marketing in social media.

So, social following growth is the metrics that helps you to figure out how much traffic is generated from the same. You can well understand whether your brand is promising enough to the customers are not. You can also recognize how effective your social media contents are.

Leads Generated

This can be regarded as the key metric of content marketing. Generating leads is an indispensable part of content marketing. Lead generated is a metric that is used to measure the leads or the audience visiting your website from different parts of the world from your content directly. It can come up from blogs, emails, articles, social bookmarking or anything.

This will help you to understand how your content strategy is adding value to your business.

Thus, without all these helpful metrics, you would not be able to boost your business via content marketing. So, do not forget to use this for measuring the perfection of your marketing skills.

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